Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wow I must be tired

I realized halfway through my day, that yesterday's post had Wednesday in the title. Oops! I hate when I make mistakes like that. Oh well. It comes with the territory.

Today was uneventful. Normal day to day stuff. The kids had a great time getting into all kinds of toys. Ethan got into a box of toys that had musical instruments and dinosaurs. (Great combo right?) Anyways, while he was playing with dinosaurs, Michael was making music. He banged the drum and shook some maracas. But pure joy spread across his face when he found the harmonica. He was so tickled to find that when you blow into it, sound comes out. I love seeing the cheesy grin he gets on his face when he thoroughly enjoys something.

So the house is a big mess right now but I don't really care. We will pick it up tomorrow.

Jason is in San Diego right now. :-( I miss him. But I'm blessed because I get him home tomorrow. I know so many people that don't get to see their husbands, sometimes for months at a time. They are strong women. I get all sad when my husband is gone. I'm thankful for those women in my life because they keep me from taking my husband for granted.

I wish I had more interesting things to share right now. But don't worry: I should have more to tell over the next couple of days!

Oh, I also have friends who also have NO husband and are raising kids on their own. I have to shout out to them too because they do it ALL. You gals rock! And you have a special place in my heart because I was raised by a single mom. :-)

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Pure Images said...

I hear ya on the military wives thing. They are sooooo strong. I could never do that. I was a military girlfriend... that was hard enough!