Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sea Life Aquarium

Last week we decided to go do something as a family. We went to the Sea Life Aquarium in Carlsbad. Ethan had a great time and it wasn't crowded at all because Legoland was closed. (It's right next door). So we got to enjoy it very much.

The front.

They had a slide at the very beginning.

There were a lot of these bubble glasses where you could stick your head in and feel like you were in the tank with the fish. Not the best photos though.

"Touching" and octopus.

A REALLY big lobster.

Shark teeth!

The shark lady telling Ethan about teeth.

There were alot of these window holes too that you could look into. As you can see, perfect Ethan size.

Lego sand castle.

Touching a sea cucumber.

Liking the sea creatures

These fish were very skinny when they turned sideways.


A window hole

Colorful fish

What's in the cannon?

Lots of sting/manta rays.

Looking down on the shark/ray tank

Sea horse.

Looking at the Halloween Bandit hermit crab.

Halloween Bandit hermit crab....that's really what it's called.

Touching a starfish

"Ooh, what's that?"


I wish my pictures could do the colors more justice.

Pokey starfish

Bubble boys

Red shrimp


There was a theater where you could watch an ocean film. Jason was pretending to be asleep, and it would get Ethan to look my way so I could take his picture.

Back to touching starfish

Cool starfish

Jason in the tunnel

Looking good!

Ethan's legs hanging out the window hole

Ray and Jason

Tada! Ethan thought this was a stage, so we got a performance.


Some new friends of ours...

After the aquarium, I called up Crystal to see if she could have dinner, so we went to Chili's. After that, we took the kids to Boomers! which has a HUGE playplace that the kids can play on. Ethan loves it there. We played for about an hour and then we headed home.

Ethan and Jason

Oh, I forgot. While at the aquarium, I dropped my camera. My really nice camera. I thought I broke it, but it was just the filter on the front. Here is the damage:

Tired boys.

Ethan getting himself dizzy.

Elijah, Ethan, Crystal and Brielle.
We had a really fun day and it was a nice bonus that we got to see some friends too while we were down there.

Jayson and Yvonne got sealed!

On September 5th, 2009, my friends Jayson and Yvonne Cardon, were sealed For Time and All Eternity in the Redlands California Temple. Woohoo!

I've known Jayson for 10 years, and it has been so great to see him get to this point in his life. He has had a lot of ups and downs, so it was even more special to see him be able to complete this step in his life. Congratulations to Jayson and Yvonne!

BSR Potluck

Wanna know how long it's been? A long time, because I thought I blogged about the BSR Potluck that we went to, and that was back in August. Whoops! Well, here we go:

Jayson and Yvonne Cardon. Jayson was a freshman when I was a senior, and we have been through alot of crazy stuff together. It's been so cool to see him grow from a goofy freshman into a responsible adult.

Our little group that sat together. Ethan, my mom and my brother Adam. Chris Tobler, Jayson & Yvonne and Paul & Sarah Darr. We had alot of fun watching the new band perform.

Ethan grooving to the music!

A BSR cake made for Mr. Jackson. He was the director when I was in band, then he left and it's his first year back.
Anyways, it was lot of fun to see people I haven't seen in a LONG time. It would have been nice to see some that weren't there, but people move and get lives, and it's not always possible to see each other like this. But it was still a great evening.