Monday, January 25, 2010


It's official! Jason and I have moved into a house. The first one we have ever lived in. It's his grandparents house that we are renting from Jason's parents, and we are so grateful to them for it. Ethan has been bouncing off the walls with excitement ever since, and just that alone, makes the move and chaos worth it. We are trying to get everything unpacked and situated now, and hopefully, it will all be done by the time Michael makes his debut!


I wanted to share some pictures that my friends Crystal took of us. She is taking classes for photography and also thinking about starting a business, so she offered to take pictures of us for free. Usually I am behind the camera, so I jumped at the chance. I also wanted some pictures of me being pregnant. I never had the opportunity to get them done when I was pregnant with Ethan, so this meant alot to me. However, I was not feeling well that day. With all the packing and getting a house ready to move into, my body was just hurting. Anyways, I tried to look the best I could, but in a couple of the pictures, you can tell I don't feel good. Anyways, here are a few of the pictures she took. She is still editing more, but it's taking awhile because she just moved herself! So enjoy, and I will post the rest when I get them!

I like this one, because you can't tell I'm 32 weeks pregnant!

One of my favorites of my current little family.


He conquered the maze!

Belly shots

Thanks again Crystal! Maybe you can come take pictures of Michael when he gets here? :-)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

UPDATE: Random info

So here is my update blog. It will be apparent why it's been awhile since I posted something.

First: Pregnancy. Nothing really new, except, I'm getting bigger! I am 33 1/2 weeks now, which is a little over 8 months. Michael is still moving like crazy and I feel like he's dropped, because I can feel him moving around lower. Everything is looking good and I can't wait to meet him!

Second: My cousin is pregnant! We just found out a couple of weeks ago, and she is due in July which mean we will have babies close together. She and I are 2 months apart, so it's kinda like having that all over again.

Third: We are moving! Jason's parents are renting us his grandparents house for a reasonable price. It's in Baldwin Park, 4 bedrooms and a backyard! I'm so excited for Ethan to get to run around. So the past couple of weeks, we have been over there, cleaning and painting and getting all the rooms ready. I have to thank my mom and cousin Nikki, because they did ALOT of work, because I can't do much being pregnant, and Jason has to do little odd jobs to keep an income coming in. We wouldn't have been able to do it without them. Yesterday, we moved alot of boxes into the house and some light furniture. Pretty much the only stuff we have left to move is our beds, fridge and hutches. Hopefully we can do that next weekend, if it's not raining, and be completely moved in. Then we get everything put away, and Michael should be here. Crazy! It's going to go by so fast.

Anyways, that's why I haven't been around much, because we have been busy, and many nights I have been so tired, that I crash at 8pm. I'm an old fuddy duddy. Heehee.

Hope everyone else is doing well in cyberspace, and I will update some more soon!

My Brother got married!

This might actually be a boring look at at least. I'm too tired to upload all the pictures. On Dec. 29th, my brother Adam got married. Woohoo! It was a beautiful wedding and he is so happy. My new sister in law, Morgan, is a sweetheart. Unfortunately, about a week after getting married, my brother got to deployed. Darn it. It would be nice if they could be together for awhile before he had to leave! At least he's not in a danger zone. So, this doesn't have much info right now, but I wanted to share the news! I'm so happy for my brother and new sister!