Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jason's Family

Over Christmas, we all got together and went to church with Jason's grandparents. Their ward was having a Christmas service, and Jason's grandfather was the main speaker. We wanted everyone to be there, because Jason's grandfather has cancer. We know it's terminal and just a matter of time. But to make it a little harder, shortly after we had this day together, we found out that Jason's grandmother also has cancer in her mouth. She had surgery on the 28th of this month. I am writing this blog while Jason and I sit next to her bedside in the hospital. Her surgery went really well and she is recovering beautifully. I just wanted to share our huge family with everyone. This isn't the whole family, and since the picture was taken, another great-grandchild was born. Jason is one of 12 grandchildren and Ethan is one of 5 great-grandchildren. Please keep them in your prayers and wish a speedy recovery.

These were basically the same picture, but some people were looking away, or the little kids were squirming.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Well, we ran some errands today, and our main goal was......

We bought Ethan a big boy bed! Yay! He has been climbing in and out of his crip so regularly, that I was starting to get scared that he might fall. And he has been going to sleep really easy.....he requests to have the lights turned off. So I thought it was time to get him a bed. We went and picked it out together and Ethan even helped put it together with Daddy. He loves it! Tonight is his first night sleeping in it. We will see how that goes. I am more worried about him forgetting he doesn't have that side up on the crib, and he will try to stand up and lean on it and fall out. So hopefully things will go smoothly. I will post pictures when I get them. But for right now, I just want him to get used to it.

Fun at McDonald's

Today we went to run some errands, and stopped to have lunch at McDonald's so Ethan could play on the playplace. He was having so much fun! But what made it nice was this young boy that was there. He was running around with another little boy that looked about Ethan's age. I assumed they were brothers. Well, after awhile, the little boy and his mother left, and this young boy was still there. Turns out he was just playing with this other kid.

Anyways, Ethan was wanting to go thru this tube waayy at the top of the play equipment. But he wanted Daddy to go with him. Jason couldn't go up there, so this young boy offered to play with him for awhile. He was so nice, and he looked after Ethan like he was his own brother.

After observing for awhile, we gathered that he was the oldest of 4 kids that were there. The youngest little boy had Down Syndrome. You could just tell. I had such a warm feeling. This young boy obviously had a huge heart, not only for others, but he was very caring towards his brother. Anyways, I just thought that it was a special kinda story, and I wanted to share!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Odds and ends...

I was going through some pictures, and I found some that I had meant to put up, but just hadn't gotten around to. Just some cutesie stuff.

Ethan helped me fingerpaint the letters that we used to take his 2 year pictures. Was very messy.

We also took an impression of his hand. We hadn't done this since he's been born, so we thought it was about time.
Ethan stacked these himself. Jason was just holding them to make sure they didn't fall on his head.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My friend Jayson

In my previous post, I mentioned that December was a busy month. I wasn't kidding. My friend Jayson, decided to propose to his girlfriend this month also, so we had to find a babysitter( thanks mom!) and Jason's mom did my hair for me also. Jason wanted to do a formal dance setting, because his girlfriend, Yvonne, had never been to one due to homeschooling. So his friends decorated the cultural hall at church like a dance. Also, Yvonne thought they were going to see the Phil Harmonic for their anniversary, and then thought this was the surprise to the anniversary. Only a few of the guests knew Jayson was going to propose. I was one of them. I took video of the proposal and it's up on my MySpace page http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=64375181. Here are a couple of pictures of the dance and of Jason and I.

The decorations before the guest of honor arrived.
The buffet table.
Okay, I had to take a picture of my hair. Jeannie did a great job! (Thanks!)
Jason and I before the dance.
Another picture of us.
I am practicing taking my self portraits.
My handsome husband!
The newly engaged couple. Aren't they cute?
As of right now the wedding date is May 24th. I don't think it will change. Congrats!


Well, it's been awhile but I need to catch up on my blogging. December is a hectic month for us. It's full of birthdays and christmas time, much makes it extra busy for us during that month. Ethan turned 2 this year and his cousin, Lily, turned 3. Their birthdays are a week apart, so it feels like we celebrate nonstop! Here are some pictures:

Ethan's birthday cake. Jason made it. It was an ice cream cake.
Ethan with his cake.
Ethan after he blew out the candles. That's his cousin Brooke and Uncle Matt looking on.
We took pictures to commemorate this year.
Okay, the next pictures are from Lily's party. She had a jump house and ponies to ride. Ethan had a blast!
Daddy helping Ethan get on the horse.

Ethan was waving at everyone like he was in a parade!
After he got out of the jump house. He loved it!
Ethan in the jump house. I think he spent most of his time in there.
The birthday girl Lily. I'm surprised she sat still long enough for me to take this picture of her.