Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jason's Family

Over Christmas, we all got together and went to church with Jason's grandparents. Their ward was having a Christmas service, and Jason's grandfather was the main speaker. We wanted everyone to be there, because Jason's grandfather has cancer. We know it's terminal and just a matter of time. But to make it a little harder, shortly after we had this day together, we found out that Jason's grandmother also has cancer in her mouth. She had surgery on the 28th of this month. I am writing this blog while Jason and I sit next to her bedside in the hospital. Her surgery went really well and she is recovering beautifully. I just wanted to share our huge family with everyone. This isn't the whole family, and since the picture was taken, another great-grandchild was born. Jason is one of 12 grandchildren and Ethan is one of 5 great-grandchildren. Please keep them in your prayers and wish a speedy recovery.

These were basically the same picture, but some people were looking away, or the little kids were squirming.


Crystal said...

Wow, I am sorry to hear that about Jason's grandparents. Cancer is such an awful evil thing. I don't know if I told you but my stepdad died from cancer 2 years ago. It was so hard for me. Probably one of the worst things I've had to go through. What got me through was knowing that I would see him again. Just spend as much time as you can with them. You don't want to have any regrets. Let me know if you guys need anything, or if you just wanna talk.

SNBAD said...

That's quite a big family! I'm sure it meant a lot to the grandpa to have everyone there. I feel so sorry for you, Carrie, because it seems like you're losing all your grandparents lately! Yikes! I hope things go okay. This grandpa looks like a handsome fellow!