Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I live!

Although, I am concerned that no one reads this anymore! LOL! But seriously, I reread my last post, and I did warn that I wouldn't be posting if I didn't feel good. Well, I haven't. The thought of turning on my computer and staring at it made me sick.

So, tomorrow is the start of week 12 of my pregnancy. I have a picture of the baby, but it's not in the computer yet. It's on my to-do list. I have been feeling a bit better the last couple of days, although I am still exhausted.

Jason is in Texas this week working for a New Horizons out there, which has made this week all the more exhausting, but I have been doing okay, which makes me feel better....I even got some chores done. Woohoo!

Tomorrow is a potluck at my old high's for the BSR which is the marching band. Alumni is invited to come, and since I played trombone for them for 3 years during high school (which I LOVED!) I am going and taking Ethan, to pass on band geekdom to a new generation! Hooray! ( Can you tell I am tired?)

These are all just quick little updates. I have no pictures either....well, we went to Vegas a few weeks ago, and I have pics from that, but I'm too tired to do that now. Maybe later....See? I haven't felt good....I haven't even picked up my camera in 4 weeks. My friend Crystal was surprised when I came for a playdate and didn't bring it. That thing is usually attached to me. Anyways, I might take it tomorrow.

So good night everyone, and I hope to update more soon. As long as I'm feeling better, chances are looking good!