Monday, June 23, 2008

Just cute

That's it. I just thought this was a cute picture that i took this morning. I got the shirt at
Wal-mart. Cute huh!

Graduation Party

On Friday, we drove down to my uncle's house to celebrate my cousin graduating. It was alot of fun. Here are some cute pictures from the evening.

My cousin opening her present from her parents....she's holding her e-ticket to London. She gets to go for 3 weeks. Awesome!
Reading her card from her parents. Her dad wrote her a really nice poem for her.... it was really sweet.
Amanda and her dad, after she read her poem.
Me and Grandpa

Amanda baked red velvet cupcakes...they were yummy!
Goofballism runs in our family. Amanda was showing me how excited she is to be graduated....

My mom and Grandpa
Amanda's graduation hat. I had to take a picture of the bling, and no, it did not come standard. She switched out her tassle.

Congratualtions again Amanda!

Friday, June 20, 2008

He's Home!

As most everyone knows, my brother, Adam, is in the Marine Corps. He has been stationed in Okinawa, Japan for the past 3 years. During his time in the Corps, he has been deployed 4 times it Iraq. Today, he has ended his tour in Japan, and will now be stationed in Virginia, where he will be attending a class for the year, which means he won't be deployed to Iraq during that time. We are so glad that he is back in the states. He flew into Seattle, WA today to pick up a new truck he bought there. My Dad flew over to meet him, and they are en route back to Idaho. Early next week, he will be driving down here and he will be with us thru the 4th of July at least, before he has to drive to Virginia. I just wanted everyone to know how proud I am of my brother. So I put together a few pictures I have of him. Adam, I am so proud of you and I love you very much. Thank you for making this country safer for our family and friends!

I hope everyone enjoys these pictures!

My two brothers and I with my sister in law Shawna and our kids. This was with my grandma B before she died this year. We were all able to be together for my grandpa's funeral. I am so blessed that we were all together.
Adam and Dean just chillin.
Adam showing Ethan what a real car is.
This was the first time Adam met Ethan. He was 9 months old.
I think he will make a great father one day...even though he could work on his holding technique a bit.
Pondering life in Japan...unfortunately, I didn't take this picture...I wish!
Blowing out birthday candles 2 years was belated then....but we still had a great time.
My brother is the one with the crazy mustache in the middle. His 2nd or 3rd deployment to Iraq. I can't keep him straight. He lost the marine on his right that time around. War sucks.
Most recent picture I have. My mom took this on her recent trip to Japan to visit my brother.
Adam and mom. They had a good time.

God Bless those who serve our country and give up their everyday comforts so that we might live in freedom and safety. Semper Fidelis. Always Faithful.
I love you Big Brother!


This year we had to family members graduate from high school. Jason's youngest brother , Josh, graduated. I don't know who's more excited, Josh, or Jeannie. As the youngest of 6 kids, Jeannie's just happy she doesn't have to drag kids out of bed every morning to get them off to school.

My cousin Amanda also graduated this year. She is the oldest of 4 and marks the beginning of this journey for her parents. She go accepted to Arizona State and will be leaving in August to pursue a nursing degree. We are so proud of both of them!

Josh's Graduation~ 8pm
Jason was using his fingers to point out Josh. Josh may be the youngest Pearson, but he is also the tallest!
My grandpa, grandma and aunt at Amanda's graduation
Amanda's Class. Amanda ran for the track team throughout high school.
Celebrating at buca di Beppo.
Amanda and Josh graduated one week apart and their birthdays are also one week apart. Crazy! Congratulations to the new graduates!

Sprinklers or bubbles?

Are sprinklers or bubbles more fun? I guess it depends on your mood. Or maybe you can do them both.... like Ethan and I did the other night while we were at my mom's. I needed to run the sprinklers and so I decided it was time once again for bubble blowing. But Ethan had just as much time running in the water. But he did a good job of not getting too wet, seeing as it was getting close to bedtime.

Blowing thru a bubble tube
This is the only pipe I ever want to see him "smoking"...nice bubble!
He always finds new and inventive ways to use things.
Time for something new
Not bad...but the picture sux.
Time to rinse
The other sprinkler got him
But he liked it.... Happy early 4th of July by the way!
Leaving his mark....
.....all over the place.

So much fun when we go to grandma's house!

Do I have helmet hair?

My friend Jacob came by the other day to show us his new motorcycle. Ethan wanted to try on the helmet. Really cute.

Now he's ready to ride!

Outdoor Fun

Some pictures of us having fun outside. One day last week, we went out and blew bubbles and then we walked across the street to the park. Just fun.

He's trying to blow the bubbles with his mind...
I just think this is cute.
Oh! Gonna get ya!
Running thru the bubbles
One last time before we go for our walk.
Swinging on the hoops...Jason was holding him, but he got such a kick out of this.
Getting ready to slide.
Mommy's turn
Ethan's turn
Daddy's turn.

Just a family of goofballs, having fun.

Father's Day!

For Father's Day we went over to my grandma's house to hang out with everyone. It was nice being with everyone to celebrate fathers. Ethan enjoyed some yummy cake and swimming with his cousins!

Mmmmm! Cake!
"I know it's Father's Day, but don't touch my cake, Dad!" he seemed to say....
Great-Grandma bought Ethan this cute suit that has floatation built in. Ethan LOVED it! I mean he went CRAZY! Easiest way to get some sort of life perserver on him. He even modeled it.
He looks like a big buff little man is growing up!
Jason got him used to jumping in and getting his head under. Good job!
Practicing swimming.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

Easing in this time
Ethan loves swimming with Daddy
Happy Father's Day Dad!
He even left his mark on me....