Friday, June 20, 2008

California Adventure

Last week, we went to California Adventure. We were trying to go see Mickey Mouse live onstage, but they had ended the showings. However, we still had a great time. We didn't have to wait very long in any of the lines, and it's always good when Ethan has a good time. I know not very many people like Cal. Adven. but I think it's great. Bear Country alone is awesome, especially if you have an active child. There's plenty of room for them to run, and there are tons of things for them to climb on. It really hit the spot. Now, I don't think there is enough to do there to spend a whole day, but it's good if you have a park hopper, just for something different.

Anyways, as usual, I have posted some pictures of our day, and I am so proud because I got them in order this time! Woo hoo! So I hope you enjoy!

Ethan on the A of California. Notice the lack of people? I am so stoked, because I managed to accidentally click this picture, with Ethan smiling, looking at the camera, AND there are no other people in the shot! It looks like a postcard! I love it!

Jason and Ethan grinning in front of Bear Country

I like this shot. We were waiting in line for the caterpillar ride in A Bug's Life area. It's great for little kids. We basically went in a circle. At the end Jason was like, woohoo... but it's for kids. The thrills start young.
Waiting for the caterpillar ride. Shortly after this, they made an announcement for no sitting on the wall...go figure.
Ethan was watching the next ride, and he looked a little nervous, but he liked it.
This is the ride we were waiting for.
Swining on the ropes...gotta keep him entertained.
He finally had fun on this ride. I actually got slight motion sickness because I was facing backwards...go figure, the kiddie rides make ME sick!
Looking out over the water at the Ferris Wheel

Waiting to ride the ferris wheel!
He is so excited waiting, and then we get on rides and he looks like we are going to kill him or something. But he said he liked it!
Running thru bear country
This bear print lights up and changes colors and stuff...very cool
Climbing the cargo net

Pretending we are visiting the redwoods.
Mommy and Ethan. Instead of "Cheese!" he was saying "Trees!"
We took him to see Muppet 3D. He liked it. A couple of the scenes kinda freaked him out, but overall he liked it and he left his glasses on the whole time! *tear* I am so proud!
In the line for the last ride, Monsters Inc. He loved being on Jason's shoulders.
I wonder why.... maybe because he can do THIS!

We had alot of fun. I can't wait to go again!

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Roundy Clan said...

I LOVE the picture of Ethan and Jason's backs while watching the Ferris wheel. You should frame it!