Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Hose...

Today while we were at my grandma's, Ethan and I played outside, blowing bubbles and playing with the water hose. Believe it or not, Ethan has not had the opportunity to play in a garden hose yet. So I decided to let him get down and dirty...and wet. I rolled up his pants and let him go. He was having so much fun, but he did slip in the puddle and get mud on his pants. He also kept turning the hose on himself and drenching his pants. All and all, he had a good day!

The front of his pants.
His muddy booty...not too bad though.

It's a monkey!

Today, my mom, Ethan and I had lunch at Wienerscnietzel. While we were there, Ethan was looking out the window. Suddenly, he said, "A Monkey! A Monkey!" My mom was closest and she said "No, it's a bunny, er, maybe a gopher?" It finally moved to where I could see it. It was a squirrel. He couldn't get enough of it! I got a picture as we walked out, but it's not fabulous. Anyways, it was cool.

It's a Monkey!


Easter was alot of fun. I didn't get very many pictures because Ethan would find an egg, open it and then move on...after trying to eat the candy. I also had to hold his bucket. So, I was a little busy. We have some video, but Jason still needs to show me how to post them. Hopefully I can get them soon!

Ethan's 1st egg
Hunting some more
What's that?
Mmmm, candy!
Break me off a piece of that KitKat bar!

Hopefully the egg hunt will go better next year!

More Birthday pics...

Here are some more pictures from Brooke's party. Jason's dad took these pictures. There are some really good ones. I know it seems like alot, but he took over 200...I didn't think I should put them all here.

Ethan watching the present opening.
Brooke was sooo excited about this present...just too cute.
Ethan playing with Lily and one of her friends.
Mmmmm....Yummy cupcakes!
Jason and I enjoying our dinner
The Carrasco Family
Bart cleaning up
Ethan playing

Sara coming down the slide
Jeannie coming down the slide
Lily helped blow out Brooke's candle
The Birthday cake
Brooke taking a yummy bite

Ethan holding hands with Daddy
Brooke gazing into the future!
Ethan waving to Papa
Grandma playing with the kids
Ethan coming down the slide

Sara and Brooke
Jason and Ethan
Lily's Cover Shot
Ethan at the top of the world

The End!

Brooke's 1st Birthday!

This past Friday, on the 21st, was my niece, Brooke's 1st birthday. Sara and Bart celebrated at a McDonald's in Upland. Here are some pictures from the chaos!

Ethan and Brooke playing.
Lily telling Ethan to "C'Mon!"
The birthday girl, in all her pigtail glory!
Sara and Brooke... The next American Idol.
What? I'm eating nuggets!
Sara and Lily helping Brooke eat cake
Ethan and Lily holding hands
Ring around the rosy!
Hugs as friends were leaving
Tired girl.

The kids all doing different things...
Brooke...soo big!
Ethan playing
Brooke getting a sugar high
Bart, Brooke, Lily and Sara

The birthday girl having some fun
Lily with Bart's mom...I love the pose!
Ethan with some playground binoculars
Ethan high in the sky
Getting ready to walk!

I hope you enjoyed! It was crazy there, but a lot of fun!