Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Brooke's 1st Birthday!

This past Friday, on the 21st, was my niece, Brooke's 1st birthday. Sara and Bart celebrated at a McDonald's in Upland. Here are some pictures from the chaos!

Ethan and Brooke playing.
Lily telling Ethan to "C'Mon!"
The birthday girl, in all her pigtail glory!
Sara and Brooke... The next American Idol.
What? I'm eating nuggets!
Sara and Lily helping Brooke eat cake
Ethan and Lily holding hands
Ring around the rosy!
Hugs as friends were leaving
Tired girl.

The kids all doing different things...
Brooke...soo big!
Ethan playing
Brooke getting a sugar high
Bart, Brooke, Lily and Sara

The birthday girl having some fun
Lily with Bart's mom...I love the pose!
Ethan with some playground binoculars
Ethan high in the sky
Getting ready to walk!

I hope you enjoyed! It was crazy there, but a lot of fun!

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