Monday, December 28, 2009


I hadn't posted these yet because they were Christmas gifts for my nieces. I tried to be more frugal this year because we have limited funds, and so I decided to make pillows for the girls. I haven't really sewn alot in my life, other than cross-stitching, so I was nervous. But my grandma helped me, by showing me how to use her sewing machine and how to close some stitches. Here are the pictures of the pillows.

Lily's pillow

Brooke's pillow

Now I'm ready to start more projects. Let's see how I do!

Friday, December 25, 2009


I have updated my blog. Just scroll down and get a glimpse into what's been going on. I should have more stuff next week because my brother is getting married! Please keep reading. I know I have been sporadic, but I get exhausted very easy and the last thing I want to do is sit in front of the computer!

30 week update!

As of yesterday, I am 30 weeks pregnant. Woohoo! I'm getting closer, and it feels so good, because I am getting pretty uncomfortable. Here is my update: As you know, I was diagnosed with placenta previa, which was going to be monitored to see if it corrected itself. It has and I am so happy about it. I don't feel like I have to walk on eggshells anymore, thinking I might detatch something. I also had my glucose screening test. This is the test to see if you have gestational diabetes. My first test came back with elevated levels, so I had to redo it. Those results came back, and my levels are fine. Yay! So, I am not too worried about anything. Baby Michael is moving like crazy, even as I speak, which at times, feels wonderful, and at others, I feel as though he is trying to punch his way out. It is a great sensation, and a painful one at the same time.

I also have some new pictures. The first 2 are my belly with the Alliance Crest from World of Warcraft painted on it. Jason painted it on my belly, because Blizzard (the company that does the game) is making a mosaic out of people with either the Alliance or Horde Crest in a picture with them. I thought this was a creative way to do it, and I've always wanted to do some kind of paint thing on my belly that was unique. The last picture is me at 29 weeks, just my regular preggo pic. Enjoy!

For the Alliance!

I feel so big.


Our Christmas festivities started on Monday. We had a lovely dinner at my cousin Nicole's house. There was lots of fun and laughter.

Ethan being cheesy

With grandma

That was the best smile I could get...

With Morgan, Auntie and Nikki's grandma

Adam, Morgan and Ethan

Watch out! Nikki has a beebee gun!

Better smile with grandma

That's my brother...


Like father like son

Adam spilled whip cream on himself. Earlier in the night, he knocked over his beer and broke some furniture. It just wasn't his night.
Christmas Eve, we did my family's tradition of having dinner together and then driving from house to house to watch everyone open their presents. We started with Auntie's house.

Auntie's Christmas tree.

Auntie opening one of her gifts.

Gabe and Ethan. Best bud cousins.

Next was my mom's house. We had her presents, ours and my brother and Morgan's. Here is her Christmas setup.

Ethan with his new knight shield.

Last stop was grandma and grandpa's house. We had their presents, along with my great uncle and Uncle Bryan and his family.

Grandpa opening a box of fly swatters from my mom. I just love the look of glee on his face. He was so happy to have mesh fly swatters. You can't buy them in the store anymore. My mom had to order them off the internet, and she got him 12 of them. He was soo happy!

Lucas got a soccer ball grill from my brother. It was a big hit. Ethan loved it too.

Here he is modeling the lid. He thought he was R2D2.

Ethan wearing his new Optimus Prime costume.

My mom showing off the mask.
Ethan slept in this morning until 7:45. Woohoo! He came into bed with us and we had our usual morning routine. I told him to go turn the light on in the living room and soon after we heard a squeal and then little feet coming back. He said, "There are presents! Santa came!" It was awesome.

Ethan in front of his gifts from Santa.

Showing off the loot.

Opening the big present. It was a Batman Adventure cave.

Ethan also kept asking for a Jack-in-the-box. Lucky for him, Santa got one last minute. Here is his reaction to it popping open.

Checking out his stocking.


His new easel from Great-grandma and Poppy.

At 3 we went over to Sara's house to have Christmas festivities with the Pearsons. I don't have many pictures because my camera battery died. Whoops! Here are the few I have.

Ethan driving Lily's new Cadillac Escalade that she got for Christmas.

Baby Charlotte!

Ethan checking out his new finger puppets that he got from grandma and grandpa.

The family opening gifts.

Papa Don with one of the puppets Lily and Brooke got from them.

We had a wonderful Christmas, and I am so glad we got to spend it evenly with all of our family. It was such a nice holiday. Now we will get to have a bit of a breather. Whew! Merry Christmas!

Pictures with Carly

My cousin asked me to take pictures of their family for Christmas. I had fun doing it. It was nice to know that someone thought I was good enough to do this for them. I am nowhere near professional, but I'm better than just regular old family pictures. So here are the ones that I thought were good.

Justin, Ashley and Carly

Carly getting some fiber...

...tastes good!

Ethan and Carly

Yep, that's my goofball.

Gardening the tree.

Carly with the tree.


Thanks Justin and Ashley for trusting me to do this for you!

Happy 5th Birthday Lily!

My niece Lily turned 5 on the 16th. She had a great birthday party. She had a bouncer, clown, and cotton candy machine. Also, they got to beat up a pinata. Woohoo! Here are the pics!

Lily with her face painted.

Brooke with Ariel

Ethan with a snake balloon animal.

Jason getting us some cotton candy. Mmmmm.

Ethan got a lizard...about 2 seconds later, he wiped it off.

The kids watching a magic show.

Lily helping with the magic.

Lily with her pinata

Brooke taking a whack.

Ethan's turn.
Lily going full force!

The candy mayhem.

Happy Birthday Lily!