Friday, November 14, 2008

Silly Sniffer

I don't know.... I think we were going through candles that day and he was smelling everything...I just thought this was funny.

He's ready for Christmas

Ethan just started singing this. I don't know what prompted him...I guess he's ready!

I'm with the band...

It must run in my blood.... I love it!

Skateboard Video

Here's a video from October that I hadn't gotten to upload yet. Ethan was playing with his uncle's skateboard....he didn't like it when we finally took it from him. Tony Hawk someday, maybe?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

We have officially moved!

We have officially moved! Woohoo! Last Saturday was a busy day. I had intended to take pictures of the whole ordeal, but I left my camera in my mom's car from the day before. Whoops. Oh well. It took the whole day to get it done, but we finally did. I can't tell you how joyful I felt when I got the key in my hand to the apartment. To be able to decorate how I want, and to have my kitchen my own way. I never realized how wonderful it would feel.

I want to say thank you to everyone who helped us move. Jacob, Nick and Anne were with us all day. They drove out to Covina to help load the few things we had there. We couldn't have done it without you...I don't think Jason and I could have gotten the fridge out the way you guys did! Then Sarah and Paul met us at our new place and then stayed with us the rest of the time. Paul, you were very helpful with the manuvering of our refridgerator up the stairs. Thank you! We breaked for lunch and then headed over to get a couch from my grandparents and then over to get the rest of the stuff from my mom's. Jayson and Yvonne met us over there, which worked out good because we ended up needing their car to move some of our things. It also helped to have another guy, because Jason's hands cramped up for a bit, so he was able to take a break. After everyone left, they stayed for a little bit and helped us clean and organize enough so we could walk through the apartment without tripping. Thank you!

So things are coming along nicely. My mom has been here almost everyday, and although I drag my feet with getting things put away, it is much nicer having it done than not. Thanks mom! And thanks also for the other things you have done for us also. It means so much.

I can't wait to have more friends over to hang out. This next week should be a good time for it, so if anyone wants to come over, I would be happy to have you!

Misc. Pictures

Here are some oddball pictures I wanted to share. Some our from after we moved and some are from right before we moved.

Ethan helping Daddy to build a piece of furniture.
He really enjoyed himself.

Ethan went and got his helmet to ride his

Uncle Aaron showing him that he really wasn't a monkey.

Ethan trying on the monkey mask. After that, he went and scared Papa.


Here are our pictures from Halloween. Our ward had a joint party with another ward and it was alot of fun. My mom came over to join us, which was good because she took Ethan home with her that night so she could watch him the next day while we moved. It was very helpful. Thanks again Mom! I will explain as we go:

Our family. Jason's sister, Sara, was able to get a good deal on a Buzz Lightyear costume for Ethan. She then helped us put together our costumes so Jason could go as Woody and I as Jessie. I think it turned out pretty good for homemade. Thanks Sara.
Me and Ethan

My mom went as a witch

My mom and Ethan. He got super hot, so after he trick or treated a couple times, we took his suit off.

He got this cute ghost from the fishing booth we had. He really likes it.

Sara and the girls showed up toward the end. We didn't get to spend much time with them, but they sure looked good! Lily was Tinkerbell and Brooke was Wendy.

Ethan, Lily, Jeannie, and Brooke

Sara as Peter Pan. She looked great!



The next day, while we were moving, my mom took Ethan over to my grandparents and he put his suit on again so they could see them. I think these pictures turned out great! I love them, and I love that my grandparents are around to see Ethan grow.
Ethan with Poppy

Ethan with Great-Grandma

We had fun, but I'm glad it's over. Next year should be even more fun!