Thursday, October 29, 2009

Placenta Previa

I had my normal check up today and my doctor told me that my ultrasound last week showed that I have partial placenta previa. That means that my placenta is partially blocking my cervix. If it doesn't fix itself in the next 6 weeks, then I will probably be scheduled for a c-section. Not that that would happen now, but around the due date. Since mine is partial, it could possibly move out of the way if the growth of my uterus pulls it up. Let's cross our fingers. On the positive side, the baby is just fine. I just have to worry about bleeding. That would be bad. Other than that I'm ok. I also can't do any heavy lifting or cleaning or anything that would put stress on my cervix. I get my ultrasound when I am 28 weeks. If everything looks good, then I can go back to normal.

Anyways, that's my update. I was pretty upset earlier today, but I'm ok now. I'm just trying to not worry about anything until I actually need to worry.

Pumpkin Carving

Yesterday we went to a pumpkin patch to get a couple pumpkins to carve. It was a church selling pumpkins, so it was nice that it didn't have all those extra bouncy houses and slides and stuff. Just get in, get your pumpkin and get out. Anyways, here are the pictures!

Ethan with a scarecrow

Showing off a white pumpkin

That pumpkin was really heavy for him, so it's a miracle we got him to smile!

Ethan drew the pumpkin face (with a little help from mom)

Taking out the insides...he did not like it.

Finished product!

After Ethan went to bed, Dad had his hand at carving a pumpkin. He did Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Ethan's again

On the back of Ethan's, I wrote his name and took a picture with it all lit up. I actually got this picture by putting the camera on my tripod and turning the flash off. The shutter was open for 5-10 seconds and this is what I got. I love it!

Tomorrow we are going to our church's trunk or treat so I should have new pictures from that soon! Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baby Boy!

Tonight we found out that we are having a baby boy. I am very excited that Ethan will be able to have a brother to play with! Here are the pictures we got. They are not the greatest but the important thing is that he is healthy and normal. I'm due somewhere between March 4th and March 9th. He weighs about 13 ounces right now. Yay!



The family jewels

General Update

So I have finished updating my blog. Whew! Took me awhile, but I did it. A couple small updates on us. I'm sure you noticed Ethan's new haircut in the last blog. Yup, I did that. First time I have ever buzzed anyone's hair and it was the first time Ethan's had a buzz cut. I noticed his hair had been bothering him, and I had the buzzers so I just went for it. He was a real trooper because it took me a little bit to do. I like it because I can see his face more clearly and when he gets animated, it's even more so.

Also, I am about 21 weeks pregnant now. The picture below is my 20 week picture. I was all dressed up for Hillary's baby shower. I wanted to get this updated, because today we get to have an ultrasound to see how everything is looking with the baby and hopefully to find out the sex of the baby. I don't really care what we are having, I just want to know so we can pick out a name and also, I need to know if I have to go through all the clothes that are stored at my mom's or if I get to go register for new, girly things. I hope to have a new blog up tonight afterwards, with ultrasound pictures. The appointment isn't until 6pm, so if it's not up tonight, it will be up tomorrow. That's it for now. Hope everyone else is doing good, and I hope to update soon!

California Adventure!

On Monday, we went to California Adventure to play. Ethan hasn't riden Soarin' Over California, so we wanted to see if he was big enough, and he was! He loved it! He was going Woohoo! the whole time. We played mostly in that park, and then went over to Disneyland when it closed. We just rode Nightmare Before Christmas over there, because Ethan loves it and then we went home. Here is our day:

Ethan and Jason waiting in line to Soar!

Standing like Daddy

Ethan got to have his picture taken with Lightening McQueen and Mater.

Also a cool airplane.

Then we went to the Bear Adventure area and the boys ran around in there for a bit.

Coming down the slide.


Posing as construction Mickey

They don't have one big enough for Dad.

Here's me!

Snuggling with Daddy while waiting for Toy Story Mania

Riding the carousel.

Me and Jason waiting in line for the ferris wheel.

There were some green army men from Toy Story walking around the park doing a cadence. Pretty cool.

The beginning of the Pixar Parade. Here is a float from the movie Up.

Waiting for the rest of the parade.

Monsters Inc.

This is a wet parade...through the whole thing they spray you with water...just a warning for anyone who goes to see it. These guys were the worst, because they had hoses.

The Incredibles

Finding Nemo

A Bug's Life

Toy Story


After the parade, we went and rode Monster's Inc and then on our way out of the park, we stopped at Candy Corn Acres, because Ethan likes candy corn right now. Here he is trying to sneak a bite.

Happy Halloween!