Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa!

Sunday was Jason's dad's birthday. We celebrated with lots of fun, some Rock Band playing and playdoh! Here are some pictures I took of some of the fun.

Jason's mom trying to hear the ocean in a shell shaped piece of playdoh.

All the grandkids playing with grandma.

It's easier to smoosh with your feet
Lily knows how to get it nice and smooth
Ethan was laying down on the job...he didn't have a nap this day
Again, listening for the ocean

Wrestler man!

I like Lily's eye through here!
Brookie too! Lily held it on there long enough for me to get a picture.

Here's a video of Ethan dancing to rock band.


Here is a video from when we went to visit Jared, of Ethan going down the waterslide.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Here is us sliding down the slide at Playwerx. Very fun!

It's amazing what you can do with a diaper box and the dollar section at Target...

I am on the activities committee for church, and I was asked to make a box for people to drop off their donations for Halloween night participation. We are combining with Charter Oak this year and are having a Halloween Extravaganza! There is going to be a spook house, chili cook off, costume contest, trick-or-treating, fishing booth, and much more. Anyways, we need white elephant gifts for the fishing booth and donations of candy for the trick-or-treaters. Thus I needed a box for all this, AND I get to empty it each Sunday after church. So I had to have it for this Sunday. Jason and I went to the dollar area in Target to see what they had. They had all kinds of stuff, and then I found the foam letters in the art supply area. I took a diaper box that I had at home, at wrapped a table cloth (dollar section) around it. Then decorating ensued. Here is what I have made:

Front of box
Back of box
Side one
Side two
Close up of part of front section.
I know we are not supposed to be prideful, but this came out so much better than I thought it would and I did it all by myself! My ever so creative husband did not help. I really did not think I was this creative. I am pleased of myself and am looking forward to doing more things like this.

Sandy Boy!

While we were having dinner with Crystal in Carlsbad, my mom watched Ethan and took him down to the beach one last time. She let him dig in the sand and play a little in the water. Here are the pictures she took.

Ethan with the watering can.
Pouring water in his bucket
This picture is blurry but it shows him throwing sand up in the air. He thus ended up completely covered in sand.
Digging with his shovel
Posing for Grandma
Preparing a shovelful for launch
Nice sunset in the background
This is what happens when you let kids play with sand. He got it all in his mouth and everything. But this picture is great! Thanks Mom!

Carlsbad! (Day Two)

Day two in Carlsbad was our day to get together and hang out with our friends. Around 11, we met up with Jared, Amanda and baby Connor at a house they were housesitting. We had lunch and then hopped in the swimming pool. Everyone had a really good time. Here are the pictures from that.

Jason, Ethan and Jared getting used to the water.
Jason took Ethan down the water slide with him. He did a really good job keeping him from going under water.
Just a nice shot of the little setup they had. It was pretty nice.
Jason going down head first.
Ethan going down all by himself. Jason was down there to catch him.
Okay, Jared kept trying to ride different floatations down the slide. He was trying to ride that one right in front of him and it went down ahead of him instead. I just love the shot I got of him! LOL!
Jason and Ethan....I didn't know they had the sun in their eyes that bad.

Ethan going down the slide.
The boys. I think this shot came out really nice.
Jason doing a "preacher" jump.
My boys lounging
Ethan climbed up there with Jared and was doing thumbs up.

After we were done in the pool. He had a good time.
Relaxing with a Mickey sucker.
After we visited with Jared. we met up with Crystal at a place she suggested called Playwerx. It is a huge play structure, with lots of ways to climb on it. This little girl got in my shot at the last second, but I still like the way Ethan looks in it.
Ethan riding these bouncy U things.
Ethan in the ball pit.

He made it to the top of the structure. It was really high up there.

Crystal brought Elijah with her, but Brielle was still in school. Elijah was so interested in eating Cheerios, and he didn't play at all in the play area. I felt so nad that they went all the way out there and he didn't play. But kids can be fickle. It was nice to sit and chat with Crystal though!
After Crystal left to go pick up Brielle, Jason and I went in the play area with Ethan so I could get some action shots. Here is Ethan sliding down the big slide.
Jason's turn going down the slide.
After Playwerx, we went back to the timeshare and dropped Ethan off with my mom so she could watch him while we went to meet Crystal for dinner. We went to Pick Up Stix. It was really good. I was a flake though and didn;t get many pictures. I guess it's because we were chatting so much! I did get this picture of Brielle eating her chicken. It was so nice to see everyone. I wish we could do it more often. Maybe if the gas prices keep going down, we can get together more often! Love you guys and can't wait to hang out again.

We went home this night, but my mom got some good pictures of Ethan at the beach while she was watching him. Those are in the next post.

Carlsbad! (Day One)

This past week, we were able to go down to a timeshare in Carlsbad. My mom's cousin wasn't able to use it, so we switched off. My mom went down a few days with my grandma and aunt, then we went on tuesday and wednesday. After that my mom and my aunt went back down and invited some friends to visit the rest of the week. Anyways, it was a nice little getaway, and we also got to visit our friends that live down there. It was also Ethan's first time at the beach (go figure, since we live in California) so it was nice to see him enjoy that. I have alot of pictures, so bear with me. This is the first day we were there, and I will explain things as we go along.

This is the little picnic area of the timeshare. It was pretty big.
These are the stairs going up to the timeshare from the beach. You just went up the stairs, crossed a little street and you were at the timeshare.
I was walking down the stairs to meet my boys at the beach and this is what I found.
I thought their sandals looked cute sitting in the sand like that.
Ethan was so excited to be playing in the water and sand.
Right after I moved my camera from taking this pictures, I looked up and Ethan was in the water. I guess he got knocked down.
Cute holding hands
So Happy! (and wet)
My favorite boy. He loves the beach too. We really should go more.
I think Jason was telling Ethan to stand still so that he would sink in the sand and get stuck....but Ethan doesn't stand still very well.

Coming to get mommy wet.
Splashing into Dad.
Jason dug in the sand and found a sand crab. So he was letting Ethan hold it.
The little sand crab
Looking at the waves

After Ethan's nap, we drove to El Cajon to check out this place called The Boardwalk. He sounded cool, but Ethan was really too little for it. It was mostly an arcade, with a couple of big things. The highlight was the bounce castle. It costs 3 tokens to play on. At least he had the whole thing to himself.
We found sharks while we were there.
My big boy climbing all by himself!
Cute shot through the net.
He's an astronaut

On our way back to Carlsbad for the night, we stopped at a little park. Ethan was loving the swings. Jason was using an inflatable bat to push him. Ethan got a kick out of it.

Jason found something fun to do too! This thing really needs a new spring.
Notice his face....he almost slide off the back.
I had some fun too!