Monday, September 29, 2008

Carlsbad! (Day Two)

Day two in Carlsbad was our day to get together and hang out with our friends. Around 11, we met up with Jared, Amanda and baby Connor at a house they were housesitting. We had lunch and then hopped in the swimming pool. Everyone had a really good time. Here are the pictures from that.

Jason, Ethan and Jared getting used to the water.
Jason took Ethan down the water slide with him. He did a really good job keeping him from going under water.
Just a nice shot of the little setup they had. It was pretty nice.
Jason going down head first.
Ethan going down all by himself. Jason was down there to catch him.
Okay, Jared kept trying to ride different floatations down the slide. He was trying to ride that one right in front of him and it went down ahead of him instead. I just love the shot I got of him! LOL!
Jason and Ethan....I didn't know they had the sun in their eyes that bad.

Ethan going down the slide.
The boys. I think this shot came out really nice.
Jason doing a "preacher" jump.
My boys lounging
Ethan climbed up there with Jared and was doing thumbs up.

After we were done in the pool. He had a good time.
Relaxing with a Mickey sucker.
After we visited with Jared. we met up with Crystal at a place she suggested called Playwerx. It is a huge play structure, with lots of ways to climb on it. This little girl got in my shot at the last second, but I still like the way Ethan looks in it.
Ethan riding these bouncy U things.
Ethan in the ball pit.

He made it to the top of the structure. It was really high up there.

Crystal brought Elijah with her, but Brielle was still in school. Elijah was so interested in eating Cheerios, and he didn't play at all in the play area. I felt so nad that they went all the way out there and he didn't play. But kids can be fickle. It was nice to sit and chat with Crystal though!
After Crystal left to go pick up Brielle, Jason and I went in the play area with Ethan so I could get some action shots. Here is Ethan sliding down the big slide.
Jason's turn going down the slide.
After Playwerx, we went back to the timeshare and dropped Ethan off with my mom so she could watch him while we went to meet Crystal for dinner. We went to Pick Up Stix. It was really good. I was a flake though and didn;t get many pictures. I guess it's because we were chatting so much! I did get this picture of Brielle eating her chicken. It was so nice to see everyone. I wish we could do it more often. Maybe if the gas prices keep going down, we can get together more often! Love you guys and can't wait to hang out again.

We went home this night, but my mom got some good pictures of Ethan at the beach while she was watching him. Those are in the next post.

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