Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tired boy

On the way home from Mom's the other day, Ethan fell asleep at 6:30pm. I thought it was funny that he still had his sunglasses on!

We have also been trying to get Ethan weened off his pacifier. We have him down to just having it at night. But during the day he will sometimes say he's tired in an attempt to get it. But it only "magically" appears on his pillow at bedtime. Wish us luck with this!

Happy Father's Day!

For Father's Day, we decided to go to Color Me Mine to make something for Jason's dad. We decided to make a candy jar with Ethan's handprints on it. It was fun to do, but kinda costly and we didn't get anything big. So, that will be a unique present for Jason's dad because we aren't going there again.

Picking our paints

Ethan painting his hand

Ethan got crazy with the outside, so we let him go nuts with the inside.

With his paintbrush

Checking out the paintwater

Finished before firing.

We put his name and the year on the bottom too.

After firing

When we got to Jason's parents, they had the biggest pizza I have ever seen!

Jason's dad opening his gift. We filled the jar with Dark Chocolate Peanut M&M's.

For Jason, Ethan and I let him sleep in and we made bacon and pancakes for him for breakfast. We also put strawberries on top of the pancakes with whipped cream. Yum! Happy Father's day to all the daddies out there! (Especially Ethan's)

Wild Animal Park

On the 18th, we went to the Wild Animal Park. It was fun to go do something fun, but I think next time we will go to the zoo, because you can see more animals up close and personal and they don't charge you an arm and a leg for all the cool stuff you could do. If we could have riden the trams around to see the animals more up close, it would have been better. Oh well. I was also silly and forgot to grab my telephoto lens. It would have been nicer to have that. Anyways, here are the pictures I got.

Ethan with the gorillas

They have an exhibit right now called Dino Mountain, which is the main reason we went here, and it only cost 3 dollars per person. All the dinosaurs were animatronic.

This guy spit water. Can you see Ethan down there? He was like, "Ewww!"

I took a picture at the wrong time and this is what I saw...

....I got SOAKED! And it felt like dino spit!

There was a passport you could stamp and fill up....Ethan wanted them on his arms.

Condor Man!

Cool flower

Big Horn Sheep

Ethan and Jason running across a suspension bridge

Ethan in his natural habitat

This is the closest we got to the me, they are there.

Ethan was obsessed with this telescopes, but he couldn't see anything...they all cost money too!

There was a splash pad in the middle of the park you could cool off at.

Let sleeping lions lie.

There was glass between us. I would NEVER get this close to an actual lion.

Rabbit was not part of the exhibit. I was actually this close to it. Cool!

Ugly bird.

Flamingos are odd

A cool off station

A neat monkey...we called it the skunk monkey cuz that's what it looked like.

Jason and Ethan looking at the skunk monkey.

A REALLY ugly bird!

Ethan and Jason with the balloon ride in the background. You could ride that thing up into the air and see the whole park. It was $60 a person (I think), and we thought it flew around the It's tethered and you just go straight up.

Ethan at a play area.

Red-billed duck.

More flamingos.

My hatchling.


A Rhino got him...

My guys

Tiki boys!

We were worried that Ethan would fall asleep on the way home, so we wanted to tire him out more, and get closer to his bedtime. Crystal told me about this place called Kidopolis, so we found it and went there. It was free for Ethan since he was under 4 and we were free since we were just supervising.

Jason went in with him to help Ethan find the top of the slide.

Ethan coming down the slide...Jason was behind him coming head first...

Here's the slide...I couldn't get the whole thing in the picture.

I went down with him once too!

We had a good time, I just know next time I want to go to the zoo. Hopefully we can do it soon, but everything is so expensive.