Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Who knows when this is from?

Ok, this is a hodge podge of things we did in May. I will explain as I go. Right now I am just trying to catch up my blog. Hope everyone enjoys!

Jason has been trying to get alot of work done for the several companies that he has some work for. One day I decided to take Ethan to Disneyland by myself. I was very proud of myself for tackling that one and Ethan was really good for me. This picture was with Pluto.

Here we are with Walt's statue.

Riding Mr. Toad's.

We went on the carousel too!

We went to Critter Country to ride the Winnie the Pooh ride, and everyone was taking their pictures on this honey pot scene. Ethan posed really well.

Fooling around in the line for Matterhorn.

On a different day we went to Tom's Farm. This was when Jason went to Oakland for work. I was disappointed in it, but we still had a good time. Here he is with the corn sign.

In front of the fountain

This bulldozer was cool, but you weren't allowed to sit on it. Bah!

A chicken!

A horse!

My cool, cheesy son.

This is in Temecula at a place called Imagination Workshop. It was pretty interesting, but I think it would be more fun when Ethan is a little bit older. This was one of those kaleidescope mirrors.

They had a really neat black room maze. The pictures are blurry because my camera didn't really have any light to work with.


Magnet and TV..... DON'T mix. Don't try this at home kids.

Two things Ethan kept coming back to....this ball with air thing....

....and the blacklight room. ESPECIALLY when the lady drew on him with a highlighter.

I got a butterfly and a heart.

Ethan, the blue blur!

Neat optical illusion. You can actually reach your hand in there pretty far.

For Mother's Day, Ethan made some homemade wooden gifts for his grandma Jeannie. We went with Lily and Brooke and we had a really great time. It was lots of fun. Here is the bouquet with all the kids.

Here's Ethan's bug

Brooke's bug

and Lily's bug.

Here is another Disneyland day, but this time Daddy got to go with us!

Ethan posing on the California "O". He did all these poses without any direction from us.

In front of the Bug's Life 3D show with Hopper.

Riding with Daddy. I can't ride this because it makes me super dizzy.

Jason acting out how I would feel if I rode on it.

Buggy Bumper cars.

There is alot of construction going on in California Adventure, but they have these cute things you can pose in. Ethan loved it.

Waiting for Toy Story Mania. Ethan and Jason rode together, and I rode by myself. I love that ride.

Thanks for hanging in there while I am catching up on my blog. I will try to be better about it!

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Crystal said...

So much fun! I liked California Adventure when we went. I liked that riding over california ride... it was neat. =) Hope we can go with you guys sometime. Brielle would love to run around with Ethan!