Sunday, April 27, 2008

Carly Ryann is here!

Here she is! The newest addition to the family. Carly Ryann, my cousin Justin's daughter. (That sounds weird!) She arrived April 25th at around 1am and weighed in at 7lbs, 3oz and 20 inches long. She has dark blue eyes and, as you can see, masses of dark black hair. She also has the cutest little dimple in her chin that she can thank her father for.

I was able to take my grandparents and aunt to go see her today. It was nice to see the family and reminisce about when Ethan was first born. It makes me want to have another one, especially a girl, but my dreams will have to wait until we have a place of our own. Ethan was the first full great grandchild to the family, but Carly is the first girl. My half brother has two boys, and they DO count, he is just on my father's side and this is on my mother's side. Okay, family history lesson over!

Anyways, Carly is great and here are the pictures for those who were waiting! Enjoy!

Precious Carly!
Poppy and Carly

Grandma and Carly...Auntie looking over

Ethan sitting next to Ashley and Carly

Poppy showing Ethan how to measure stuff

Ethan playing with Justin's dogs.

Auntie with Carly

Grandma and Auntie with Carly
Me and Ethan with Carly
Justin and Ethan
Ashley, Carly and Poppy

Babies are soo sweet! Welcome to the world Carly! We can't wait to see what you can do!


Yesterday morning we treated ourselves to a McDonald's breakfast. We mainly did it so Ethan could run around on the playplace. He loved it because it was train themed. He loves anything and everything trains. So he had a blast. Here are the pictures I got. There aren't very many because he was running around so much.

Hi mom!
He kept saying, "Train!"
A little too close and personal...
He made a friend and they were playing in this one part...Ethan is on the left
The train

Playing at G-Grrandma's house

We have been hanging out at grandma's house while my mom is out of town. Here are some pictures from a couple of days ago. My grandpa turned the sprinklers on and it was making a rainbow. So Ethan wanted to touch it. Well, you can see where that lead to. Grandpa turned the water off before he got TOO wet...

Touching the rainbow
Walking thru the water
He was having so much fun
My little twinkletoes!
Showing off his new shirt. He was saying,"Rock on!"

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A new family member

Yesterday my cousin and his wife had their baby. A little girl named Carly Ryann. She was born a little after 1 in the morning, and she weighed 7lbs, 3 oz. (Thereabouts) She has really dark black hair. I haven't seen her yet. Most likely tomorrow, so I will have pictures soon! We are so excited to have a new baby in the family! Talk to everyone later!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I just wanted to share some random pictures I have taken over the last couple of days. I hope you enjoy my sillyness!

Ethan staring at the television.
Ethan and his new haircut Grandma Jeannie gave him.
I'm special!
My hair is long enough to braid!
Back view of the braids.
Me being silly taking mine and Jason's picture in the mirror.
Ethan looking at a feather..
Hope you liked it!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just Hanging out...

I just wanted to write about a couple of things before I went to bed. I will be posting some pictures that are just random, so you guys can all look at those soon.

On Sunday, I took my mom to the airport. She is visiting my brother in Japan. She's going to be gone for a month, so that should be fun for her. I am in charge of checking on my grandparents and her house and stuff while she is gone.

Tomorrow, my grandpa is having surgery for a prostate problem, so I am heading up to Riverside to check in on them and make sure they have everything they need. I am hopeful that everything will be fine. It is not a very risky surgery.

Also, my cousin and his wife are expecting a little baby girl soon. She was due on the 17th so she is almost a week late...hopefully I will have a blog with pictures of a new cousin soon!

I also have to let a friend of mine know that I am thinking of her. She is having a bit of a difficult time right now. I'm not going into it here, because it is private, but I just want her to know that she can call me anytime, either to yell and scream and vent or to just cry. I am here for you! Please pray for those who do not have an easy time. Life can be so wearing on all of us and it's nice to know that we have people who care about us enough to pray for us. I love you!

That's it for now. I will probably write some more tomorrow!


Friday, April 18, 2008


Just before bed tonight. Ethan was just chillin' there. I thought he looked really cute. And he thought it was funny that I was taking his picture. And no, Jason did not fall asleep.

I love my boys!

Fun with daddy!

When Jason got home from work tonight, he started playing with Ethan. They were doing this thing where he was balancing Ethan on his knees. Ethan was laughing SOO hard. He loved it. Here are a couple of pictures.

Notice Jason's face. Ethan went backwards a little, but he was perfectly fine. He didn't fall at all.
Going forwards
Leaning into it...
Grabbing dad's hair...I told him to...HEEHEE
I love daddy!

Photography of Flowers

I know I told everyone I was going to post the pictures of the flowers on here, but when I went to do it, the program wouldn't let me post any images. So I decided to wait a couple of days. It works again! So, there were alot of pretty flowers and I LOVE photography. When I was taking classes in college, this project was the one I got the highest grade on. I love taking nature pictures. Only problem is that I don't have a professional camera. I get so sad about it sometimes because I know my pictures could be so much better. I wish we weren't in debt so much and I could just get a really nice camera. Now, I do have a nice camera, but I bought it when film was still popular. If you have ever developed pictures in a dark room, you can understand why I still have it. I love the whole process of film development, but, alas, it is going by the wayside. Maybe I can trade it in....

Okay, sorry, I went off topic. Here are my pictures. I am thinking about entering a couple in a photo contest held by the Flower Fields. Let me know which ones you like!

Okay, can anyone tell me what flower this is? I have an idea, but I am not positive.
Here are a few bouquets that they already had cut and sitting out. This was about as close as you could get to them.
Golden! (My fav of the 5 bouquets)

Cool fountain
I don't know what this is called either.
The Artist's Garden. So many cool flowers.
Pinks and purples.
I LOVE the purple dots inside the white. My mom said this is a Hollyhock.

Ranunculus as far as the eye can see!

Up close pink.
Red sweet peas. They smelled really good!
There was also some famous Ecke Pointsettia. (I didn't know Ecke was famous. Oops!) Here are my two favs.
Second fav!

Orange is so pretty in nature
I was really surprised my little camera took this!
Some neat ground cover. It was worth the walk up the hill to see these.
Red, Jason's favorite color.
These purple flowers were really pretty. I wish they had a bouquet of these!

Anyways, I had a really great time here. I would like to go again sometime, but with Jason so he could run around with Ethan, and I could fill up the memory card on the camera!