Monday, April 7, 2008

The Santa Ana Zoo

On Saturday, we went to the Santa Ana Zoo. It was a very quaint little zoo. It cost 6 bucks per person to get in, and Ethan was free. They also had a train you could ride on for 3 dollars each. It was something very nice to do in the afternoon. Here are some pictures:

Front Entrance

Ethan on the way to the zoo.
So excited!
He's pointing to his hear because he heard something.
What a goof. I told him to say cheese...
These pictures don't do these birds justice. They were the most magnificent red I have ever seen.
Ethan by the red birds.
He didn't really like being on the monkey, but the picture came out good!

The train you could ride. Ethan wouldn't stop talking about it after we rode it.
This pig was over 5oo pounds!
Petting some goats.
Some geese. I like this picture...they look like statues.
Looking at a llama-esque creature.

If you don't have alot of time or money, I suggest this zoo. Just go earlier if you can. Alot of the animals were not there or sleeping because it was late in the afternoon.

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