Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just Hanging out...

I just wanted to write about a couple of things before I went to bed. I will be posting some pictures that are just random, so you guys can all look at those soon.

On Sunday, I took my mom to the airport. She is visiting my brother in Japan. She's going to be gone for a month, so that should be fun for her. I am in charge of checking on my grandparents and her house and stuff while she is gone.

Tomorrow, my grandpa is having surgery for a prostate problem, so I am heading up to Riverside to check in on them and make sure they have everything they need. I am hopeful that everything will be fine. It is not a very risky surgery.

Also, my cousin and his wife are expecting a little baby girl soon. She was due on the 17th so she is almost a week late...hopefully I will have a blog with pictures of a new cousin soon!

I also have to let a friend of mine know that I am thinking of her. She is having a bit of a difficult time right now. I'm not going into it here, because it is private, but I just want her to know that she can call me anytime, either to yell and scream and vent or to just cry. I am here for you! Please pray for those who do not have an easy time. Life can be so wearing on all of us and it's nice to know that we have people who care about us enough to pray for us. I love you!

That's it for now. I will probably write some more tomorrow!


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Crystal said...

You need to post pictures of that cute baby!