Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kids say the darndest things...

Ethan has been saying some funny things lately. Let's see if I can remember a few:

"Mom, do tools have brains?"

"I don't like being naked....but sometimes, I do!"

"Mom, you should talk to the baby."

"Does the baby have bones and I brain?"

I can't remember anymore right now, but I had to write these down.

24 weeks

It's time for my 24 week update! Woohoo! That means I'm about 6 months along in this pregnancy. I love being pregnant. True, there are times when I can't stand it, but I really don't have many problems. Some people are sick the whole time, or have to go on bedrest. I am lucky, and the only problem has been my partial placenta previa, which can fix itself, and if it doesn't, then that just mean I get to pick my baby's birthday by having a c-section.

Anyways, as of my last appointment, I was one pound heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight. I know that sounds bad, but I lost about 15 pounds and then gained it back plus one. So, yay! I can still wear some of my regular shirts...just not my pants.

Michael has been moving like crazy in utero. He is pretty much like his big brother...doing flips all the time, and pretty much not letting me forget that he's there. He still isn't quite as active as Ethan was in the womb, but pretty close. I can't wait to see him and meet him for the first time, but I want him to stay inside as long as possible. It's the best thing for him, so I just have some excited patience.

Here are my most recent pregnancy pictues:

Me showing off how happy I am.

Ethan touching my belly. He is super excited to be a big brother.

Ethan giving Michael a kiss!
Anyways, hope you enjoyed this update! My next appointment is the end of this month, in which I get to do the gluclose test...woohoo. Then 2 weeks after that, I should be having my ultrasound to see if the placenta previa is gone. Keep your fingers crossed!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We have had two fun filled days of Halloween activities and boy am I tired! But it was so much watching Ethan actually "get" Halloween fully for the first time! We started out the festivities on Friday night with a Trunk or Treat at our church. We invited my mom, grandma and aunt, Jason's sister and her girls, and Jason's parents to come and they all showed up. We had a nice little group and it was fun to share the evening with them.

My aunt and Grandma

Part of our car decorations.

Me as the Magnificent Maleficent. So many kids came up to me and squealed "It's Maleficent!" I did not think I would get that reaction. It was totally cool.

My Batman

Jason as Hellboy and Ethan Batman. Jason's costume turned out good. It was part purchased, part homemade.

Our family!

Closeup of Jason

Closeup of me

Hanging out with my grams and aunt.

Our decorated car

Sara's decorated car. The kids are mixed up with the pumpkins

Jason's dad came as a rabbit coming out of a hat.
Jason's Mom as Mary Poppins
Yesterday, we started out Halloween by going to the Canyon Crest Towne Center to see what they had to do. They had a costume contest and trick or treating, with some other stuff. It wasn't that great, but I had always wanted to see what it was about. If it was organized better, it would have been cool but lack of organization always ruins events.

After that we had dinner at my grandma's and then drove to a neighborhood near there called Orangecrest to knock on doors. We have never done that area before, so we didn't know what to expect, but it was great and Ethan ended up with a full bag of candy and he had a blast!

Ethan trying to sing with the singing skeleton at canyon crest.

Posing with pumpkins

Ethan decided he wanted to be a ninja turtle, so we let him. He has a bunch of play costumes at home, so we didn't have to go buy anything new.

Ethan's candy loot. I think we will have to help him eat it! :-)
Anyways, we had a great time, and I wanted to thank Jason's and my family for coming to our trunk or treat. It was so much more fun with you there. Also, thanks mom for coming with us to Canyon Crest, and for taking some of the pictures I posted here. You really got some good ones! Happy Halloween!