Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Okay, this blog is late. I had it all ready to post, but ran out of time with Halloween and our big move to deal with, so now that we have our internet, and things are starting to settle down I can post more. Yay! So here is the first new one from our new home! Although it took place at our old home...heehee.

A couple weeks ago, we finally craved the pumpkin that we picked at the pumpkin patch. It was the first time that we have done this, either as a family or with Ethan....Jason and I have never done it as a couple before. So it was fun! We bought this electric carver, which didn't really work.

Ethan helping with the electric pumpkin carver....

Ethan helping cut the top off

Seeing what's inside...he didn't want to touch it.

Making the first cuts on the pattern

My turn to carve.

I was deep in concentration

Final product

With the lights out.

It turned out pretty good. Ethan had a good time, but next time we are going to get more than one pumpkin, so we can make a nice one, and he can carve his all to bits!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Friday night, my mom watched Ethan so that we could go to a bonfire in Huntington Beach with some of our friends. It took us forever to get there due to traffic, but we made it. We had a good time, I just wish we would have gotten there sooner so we could have seen everyone longer! Oh well.

So these are our friends that we play Dungeons & Dragons with. Our geeky but cool friends. We love them dearly, and they always cheer me up, especially Nick, because he runs to hug me everytime we arrive. I feel like I have a little brother. He is the one I made the Oreo grad cake for.

Nick and Anne. I forgot she doesn't like her picture taken, but I don't know why...she's gorgeous and very sweet. Nick is her boyfriend.
Jacob and Tasunuva. Jacob is my ex/turned really great friends, and this is his new girlfriend. Very sweet and pretty!

Sara, Paul and Nick. I went to high school with Sara. She played the flute in marching band with me and she was also in treble choir with me. We have lots of fun reliving the good 'ol days.

Jason, Jacob, Tas, and Sara...sorry Sara, I need to start warning when I take pictures.

Jason delighting over his gooey marshmallow. Jacob brought them and they were so big, Jason roasted it, ate some, and then had to roast it some more to cook the inside.

A picture of the coals with a big marshmallow in the middle. Nick was trying to light it on fire just using the hot coals.

Sara and Paul....AWWWW!

This picture didn't come out great, but I was just trying to show how hazy it was. Everything was wet, just from the sea air.

We had a lot of fun and hopefully we can do it more often since we will be in Riverside!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Our New Apartment

I have exciting news. Jason and I found an apartment that we feel meets our needs and our budget. We are moving on Nov. 1st! We are so excited that we will be in our own place and that Ethan will have his own room! Yay! I took some pictures of our apartment, and although it is bare, I can see wonderful potential. Here are the pictures I have. I hope they make sense. When we have all our stuff in and it's decorated (or at least situated), I will post better ones. So here we go:

Looking in at the living room from the entryway. The front door is to my left.
Fireplace and patio door. This picture is blurry, but you get the idea. Again, the front door is to my left. And I am in the middle of the room. I was just showing the fireplace, not the square footage.

Part of the kitchen. This is where the fridge will go. I took this for measurement purposes.

Washer and Dryer! Not the most beautiful in the world, but wonderful because I won't have to carry laundry to the laundromat or my mother's.

The Kitchen. i am standing in the dining area, but it goes deeper to my left...the same depth as the w&d unit.

Main Bathroom

Ethan's room looking out. The other open doors are the doors to the master bedroom.

From the doors looking in at the master bedroom

The closet and sink in the master bedroom

Master bathroom...sink to left of me.

Looking from our master bedroom down the length of the apartment. Yes we have double doors on our room.

We are going to be living in Riverside. If you need our address, call me and it will be yours! Yay!


Yesterday, Ethan and I drove down to Oceanside to have a playdate with Crystal, Brielle and Elijah. We had alot of fun. It was nice spending the whole day down there. When we got there, the kids played for a little bit in the backyard. Once we got everyone ready to go, we went and had Chili's for lunch. I had a coupon for the kids to get free meals, but it turned out to be just one. :( Oh well, it was still good!

After that we went to Playwerx in Carlsbad. Crystal's playgroup was having an outing there, and Ethan had really liked it when we went before. We got there early, but ended up staying for 2 hours! The kids really tired themselves out.

After that we went and got frozen yogurt at Frugo's. It was pretty good. I put carob chips in it thinking it was chocolate. Here is a link I found to what it is: I personally did not like it. I had some dark chocolate chips in there too, with gummy bears and almonds. So it covered up the taste a bit. Anyways, I wouldn't recommend carob unless you have having a REALLY hard time with how chocolate is treating your body.

After we finished our ice cream, we headed back to Crystal's. By then it was 6pm. We stayed for another hour to let the kids play and then we decided to head home. Ethan fell asleep right away, so it was a quiet ride home for me. We must have worn him out because he didn't wake up until 9am this morning! That was nice. Thanks Crystal! We had a great time. Can't wait to see you next week!

Brielle and Ethan playing bumper cars.
Checking out the bubble machine

Catching bubbles

3 kids in a SUV. Ethan was way in the back. I think he liked it until he needed me for stuff. At least we weren't in there for most of the day.

Me and Ethan. Thanks Crystal, this picture came out super cute!

Ethan and Brielle

Ethan and Brielle again


Crystal sliding down the slide at Playwerx. Sorry it's blurry. That slide was super slick!

This time with Elijah.


All of the kids on the slide. They really enjoyed it!

Ethan, Brielle, Kasen, and Elijah. Kasen is Brielle's cousin. They are like 6 weeks apart in age.

Brielle helping Elijah up the slide.

Elijah "falling" down the slide.

Pumpkin Patch

Last saturday, we went to the Pumpkin Festival at Cal Poly Pomona. Katie came to California for the week, and this was the only time we got to get together. It kinda was a bummer too because parking was ridiculous and it was super hot and way crowded. So we ended up going our seperate ways, and we didn't get to hang out anymore. It was great seeing her and Tyler for a little bit though. Hopefully we will get to see them again soon.

The Pumpkin Patch
Tyler trying to lift a pumpkin.

He actually got one off the ground!

Ethan trying too, but he was more interested in watching what Tyler was doing.

The toddler stand off. It was cute, they just kept staring at each other and didn't quite know what to do. Haha!

Tyler sitting on a pumpkin

Tyler looking at all the pumpkins

Ethan sitting on a pumpkin

Ethan on a big pile of pumpkins. This one came out super cute, I think.

This one too, if he hadn't blinked!

Looking down on the patch

Katie and Tyler

Katie took this picture of us. A rare moment of all of us together in a picture. Thanks Katie!

Ethan next to the biggest pumpkins I have ever seen in my life. They were $65.00 each!
Ethan checking out a spider.

Holding an Ironclad Beetle. They were really good at playing dead.

I just like this picture. Ethan was looking at all the bug stuff. There was an insect fair going on at the same time, so he got to see lots of bugs. Most of them were dead and framed though.

Ethan with a millipede crawling on him.

My bug boy!

He got brave and actually touched on of the tarantulas. We were so proud of him. I wouldn't touch it so a round of applause for Ethan!

This is a small world. On our way out, we ran into the Badgers, another couple from church, who recently moved to the San Diego area. They have a little girl who is 3 months younger than Ethan. We was nice chatting for the 5 minute walk it took to get to the parking lot. This picture is of Brooklyn and one of her cousins riding in a wagon. She looked so cute in her pigtails!

Originally we were going to meet up with Sara and the girls at the patch also, but they didn't get there until we were leaving. So we gave Sara the camera and she took these pictures of the girls. I really like this one of Brooke, and you can see Lily in the background all blurry. Super cute Sara!

Lily posing on the pile of pumpkins

They found the jumbo pumpkins too. Too cute Brookie!

Lily showing off some little squash.

Cute cousins!

Lily carrying a pumpkin!

Brooke sitting with the pumpkins. She had just woken up from a nap.

We had fun, but I don't know if we will go again next year. It was way too crowded and that's partly because it was only open for one weekend. Maybe another time, or another patch.
Happy Halloween everyone!