Monday, October 13, 2008

BlizzCon 2008 ~ Yes... We are Geeks!

On Saturday, my mom watched Ethan so Jason and I could go to BlizzCon. Ahem....if you don't know what this is, then you are not a nerd. :) BlizzCon is a video game conference put on by the company Blizzard Entertainment. Jason's brother Ryan works for them, and so he scored us tickets. Sweet! A little history: Jason and I play a game called World of Warcraft. It is an MMORPG played over the internet. (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) This is our entertainment since we don't get out much with a little one. Anyways, we got to go. Here are some pictures from our little geekfest. :-D Enjoy!

A picture of Jason when we first walked into the Anaheim Convention Center. Ah! The gaming goodness!
This year they had little cutouts of characters that you could take your pictures in. This is Jason's....
...and this is mine. Grrr!
This year BlizzCon was televised over DirectTV's Pay per View. Here is the panel all set up. (and yes, we bought the PPV also, so we could watch what we missed at home)
A display where you could take your picture looking all badass....we didn't do it cuz the line was too long....and that's just TOO geeky. ;)
Some art from the game.
Jason standing next to Frostmourne, a kickass sword that is actually the sword of a in-game character....c'mon, you know it looks cool!
Me and Jason as we were leaving the Con.

We didn't stay all day, because there are terrible lines everywhere. So we just went to get a glimpse of everything and then we went to the movies to see City of Ember. Pretty nice little movie. Okay, my geek out is over. I pretty much get to do this once a year, so I am happy now. By the way, there are much geekier people who go to those who dress up in costume....we aren't quite there....yet. :)


Crystal said...

haha, hilarious. At least you guys have something you both love and enjoy doing!

Pip said...

You're funny! I'm impressed with how much blogging you do! You have so many entries! I need to get better at documenting things. Maybe I'll be better after we have the baby :)