Thursday, October 9, 2008


Did I mention we have season passes? We only go for a couple of hours at a time and try to ride different rides everytime....except for the train we have to ride EVERY time because it's Ethan's favorite. But I love the passes, because we can just do this for a family night and it's always fun! Anyways, these pictures are from 2 different trips we made within a couple days of each other. One night we went for night time festivities and the day time ones are from Tuesday when Jason had a work from home day. Those are nice days. :) Anyways, we went to California Adventure first because we wanted to ride Toy Story Midway Mania. It's the newest ride, and usually that park closes early. It was so much fun! I highly recommend it. I will tell more along with the pictures, because I can't remember what we did unless I'm looking at them. LOL!

This is Candy Corn Acres pretty much right as you walk in the park. When we got here, Minnie and Dale were out taking pictures. We got in line too late though, so no pictures of Ethan with them. But some nice people offered to take our picture in front of the big candy corn. So nice! I never get to be in the pictures. ;)
Riding Midway Mania. It's in 3D and totally cool. You fire these cannon looking things. Ethan was totally into it....can you tell?
I had to use the restroom and when I got back, I found my boys on the carousel. They had a lot of fun. I know it's blurry, but they all came out that way.
When we were leaving Disneyland, Mickey and Minnie were out taking pictures in their Halloween garb. We were so surprised when Ethan ran right up to Mickey and gave him a hug. Then he let us take his picture. I am going to try and crop this, I just didn't get the chance yet, and I really wanted to post it. The line for Minnie was too long and we were tired.
Goofy was also wandering around. He barely stopped, so I was walking backwards when I got this picture. The things you do to get a good shot right? Looks like they are actually having a conversation!
When we went at nighttime, we mainly wanted to ride the Haunted Mansion all decked out with Nightmare Before Christmas decor. The line was long, but not too bad and Ethan loved it!
Again someone offered to take out picture....Jason and I look good, but Ethan blinked! Dang it!
Ethan and Jason in front of the big Mickey pumpkin.
Me and Ethan
Halloween Decor

I have more, but I tried to pick the best ones. Maybe I will put more on my MySpace page.

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Crystal said...

I love that you are a picture taking freak like I am... You have like a zillion pictures from DLand, how fun! It looks so cute decorated like that too!