Monday, October 13, 2008

I AM the babysitter! Day 2

Here are pictures from my second day watching the girls. We had an eventful day, but it was good. It is really hard going from one child to three, but the hardest thing about the second day was that I had to wake up earlier. Enjoy the pictures!

Ethan and Brooke were playing outside and Ethan brought me this egg to "eat". I just like the way he's holding it.

Brooke was pulling the fake flowers out. I had to make them come inside because she started eating the little fake foam block things that hold the flowers in place. Yuck.
Ethan riding their quad.
I asked him how old he was....peace out.
Relaxing with a snack.

Watching the Aristocats. They didn't stay still for long.
Lily was at preschool for a few hours in the morning, but when she got back, all the kids watched Nightmare Before Christmas with Sara. Lily watched the whole thing....Ethan has seen it many times already.
Sara and the girls. Very into Nightmare.
Ethan was watching to but not quite so intently.

Lily started posing for me, so I got alot of pictures of her. I like how she is hugging her dolls in this one.
The kids made a fort and brought ALL the stuffed animals in. Ethan laid down with them.
Another Lily pose. (I didn't tell her how to look at her dolls either)
Ethan crawling into the fort.

During the day, we had a couple of little problems, but nothing too crazy. I found Brooke and Ethan on top of the table at one point, and they had gotten into the washable paints from the day before. Oops. I also found Brooke putting dog food in the dog's water bowl at one point. Messy. But other than that, nothing too bad. I'm glad I could help Sara, but I am also glad I am done. Ethan is a little under the weather now, so I still have my hands full. But he is getting better, slowly, and soon he will be back to himself.

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Crystal said...

You are such a great sister in law! How fun!