Thursday, October 9, 2008

I AM the babysitter!

Okay, I couldn't think of a good title, so here's the deal. Sara, Jason's sister is trying to be a surrogate. She was implanted a couple months ago, but it didn't take. The couple decided to try again, and so today was the new implant date. She has to be on bedrest for 72 hours, and she needed someone to watch the girls. So I went over today and am going again tomorrow. I like taking pictures because the 3 cousins aren't together for that long at a time very often. Makes for me being tired, but lots of fun for them. So Today while Sara was gone we broke out the washable paints and they got crazy. Most of these pictures are from doing that. The rest of the day, they pretty much played inside, and we had a quiet time movie when Sara got home. The only one who took a nap was Brooke.

Brooke looking pretty
Ethan and Lily playing in the house...can you find Ethan?
Lily tucking the kiddos into bed.
After Sara got home, having quiet time.
Little artists
Lily with pretty paint gloves.
Brooke was just painting herself.
Ethan, the Painter

We shall see what wonderful pictures come out tomorrow! Wish me luck, and pray the Sara gets pregnant. The people she is doing this for are super nice and deserving. It would be so great for them.

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Crystal said...

Wow paint! Yikes! That is BRAVE!