Monday, October 27, 2008


Friday night, my mom watched Ethan so that we could go to a bonfire in Huntington Beach with some of our friends. It took us forever to get there due to traffic, but we made it. We had a good time, I just wish we would have gotten there sooner so we could have seen everyone longer! Oh well.

So these are our friends that we play Dungeons & Dragons with. Our geeky but cool friends. We love them dearly, and they always cheer me up, especially Nick, because he runs to hug me everytime we arrive. I feel like I have a little brother. He is the one I made the Oreo grad cake for.

Nick and Anne. I forgot she doesn't like her picture taken, but I don't know why...she's gorgeous and very sweet. Nick is her boyfriend.
Jacob and Tasunuva. Jacob is my ex/turned really great friends, and this is his new girlfriend. Very sweet and pretty!

Sara, Paul and Nick. I went to high school with Sara. She played the flute in marching band with me and she was also in treble choir with me. We have lots of fun reliving the good 'ol days.

Jason, Jacob, Tas, and Sara...sorry Sara, I need to start warning when I take pictures.

Jason delighting over his gooey marshmallow. Jacob brought them and they were so big, Jason roasted it, ate some, and then had to roast it some more to cook the inside.

A picture of the coals with a big marshmallow in the middle. Nick was trying to light it on fire just using the hot coals.

Sara and Paul....AWWWW!

This picture didn't come out great, but I was just trying to show how hazy it was. Everything was wet, just from the sea air.

We had a lot of fun and hopefully we can do it more often since we will be in Riverside!

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