Friday, October 24, 2008


Yesterday, Ethan and I drove down to Oceanside to have a playdate with Crystal, Brielle and Elijah. We had alot of fun. It was nice spending the whole day down there. When we got there, the kids played for a little bit in the backyard. Once we got everyone ready to go, we went and had Chili's for lunch. I had a coupon for the kids to get free meals, but it turned out to be just one. :( Oh well, it was still good!

After that we went to Playwerx in Carlsbad. Crystal's playgroup was having an outing there, and Ethan had really liked it when we went before. We got there early, but ended up staying for 2 hours! The kids really tired themselves out.

After that we went and got frozen yogurt at Frugo's. It was pretty good. I put carob chips in it thinking it was chocolate. Here is a link I found to what it is: I personally did not like it. I had some dark chocolate chips in there too, with gummy bears and almonds. So it covered up the taste a bit. Anyways, I wouldn't recommend carob unless you have having a REALLY hard time with how chocolate is treating your body.

After we finished our ice cream, we headed back to Crystal's. By then it was 6pm. We stayed for another hour to let the kids play and then we decided to head home. Ethan fell asleep right away, so it was a quiet ride home for me. We must have worn him out because he didn't wake up until 9am this morning! That was nice. Thanks Crystal! We had a great time. Can't wait to see you next week!

Brielle and Ethan playing bumper cars.
Checking out the bubble machine

Catching bubbles

3 kids in a SUV. Ethan was way in the back. I think he liked it until he needed me for stuff. At least we weren't in there for most of the day.

Me and Ethan. Thanks Crystal, this picture came out super cute!

Ethan and Brielle

Ethan and Brielle again


Crystal sliding down the slide at Playwerx. Sorry it's blurry. That slide was super slick!

This time with Elijah.


All of the kids on the slide. They really enjoyed it!

Ethan, Brielle, Kasen, and Elijah. Kasen is Brielle's cousin. They are like 6 weeks apart in age.

Brielle helping Elijah up the slide.

Elijah "falling" down the slide.

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