Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Park Day!

Today we had a pretty relaxing day. I woke up with Ethan this morning and let Jason sleep, because he ahs been tending to us while we have been sick. I FINALLY was feeling better today, so I got up. Anyways, once Jason woke up, we ran a couple of errands, and then came home to let Ethan nap. He napped pretty long, so after he woke up, we took him to a nearby park so he could burn off energy and be able to sleep tonight. He had a blast. It was pretty cold, but there was a set of twins there about his age, and they had so much fun running around together. Good times! So here are the pictures I took, because you KNOW I always have to take pictures!

The back of Ethan...I just thought it was cute, even though it's his back.
Talking through the speaker to Daddy

He had a cute smile, and when I asked him to smile again, this is what I got....I wonder where his inner ham comes from? ;)

Enjoying the swings

Ethan climbing a "Spider-web"

He would have gone all the way to the top if we didn't stop him!

Isn't he the most adorable thing?

Fireman Ethan!

Ethan with the twins

Also today, Ethan kept introducing us as his parents. He would tell the kids, "Those are my parents" We didn't even know he knew how to use the word! What was funnier, was that he said, "Those are my parents....Jason and Mommy" LOL!

Early Christmas Dinner

Last night, we had Christmas dinner with my mom's cousin's family. They aren't able to do anything on Christmas day, so they celebrate early and they invited all of us over. Ethan loved it because they had some old wooden toys, and he wouldn't put them down. Dinner was excellent, and the company was better. We had a really nice time. Here are a few pictures:

Ethan flying the wooden plane
Uncle Adam flew in on Sunday night, so this is him playing "Dogfight" with Ethan

Now it's grandma's turn!

Grandma and Ethan. This is the best picture I got, but Ethan hadn't had a nap so he was wiggly.

Fun times! Hope to be able to go again next year!

Making Sugar Cookies

The other day, we decided to make sugar cookies. Ethan was finally feeling really well, after being sick for so long, so we thought it would be a nice treat. He was so excited! Daddy mixed the batter, and then set everything up in the living room, on Ethan's little table.

Helping daddy with the flour
Patting it down

He kept putting his hands on his face when he was taking a break.

Getting more flour

It looks like he's zen..."I shall form you into a.....snowman!"

He was showing me the dough

Tasting cookie dough

Wrestling with dad while the cookies baked.

Tasting icing

Decorating....while watching TV....

Enjoying the finished product!

We had lots of fun doing this. We will have to start doing it more often!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Now we're ready for Christmas!

We woke up this morning (at 6am) to Ethan saying, "C'mon! Let's decorate!" So we waited until about 9:30 and then we started the process of decorating our tree. He also kept asking for the star... to top the tree....which we don't have but he learned from a Mickey's Christmas movie. So we will probably go and get a topper. Anyways, he didn't last very long with the decorating, but he still wanted to see all the ornaments. Now it's nap time and all is well!

Ready to decorate!
The tree with just lights on...when Ethan saw the lights, he went "Ooooh!"

Hanging a snowman


We found all his baby's first christmas stuff, and he wanted to try it on....none of it fit except the bib!

Completed tree.

Oh, and we busted the coffe table leg as we were trying to push the tree back against the wall. But it's good for now, and we can fix it better when we take the tree down.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Most Recent Activities

Lately, we have been under the weather. Monday Ethan started getting sick with diaherra and has had it since. I have been slightly queasy, which started Thursday (good thing you didn't come up Crystal!) Anyways, we've managed to get in a few activities, but not much. Between the crazy rain we had and being sick, we have been major shut-ins.

Jason and I got a rebate check and we spilt it so that we could each get something for Christmas. I saw these satelite chairs at wal-mart and I have always wanted one. So I got one. Well, it got confiscated by Ethan. He loves curling up in it. I think I've sat in it twice since I got it. I also got 3 shirts, 3 new bras, and a bag and shoes from payless, for my 100 bucks. Sweet! Anyways, here's Ethan in the chair....2 different times.

Last night my mom picked us up to go look at Christmas lights. There were some nice ones, but not as many as I had hoped. It was still nice to get out since we weren't feeling well. This was the best house....but it came out slightly blurry.

Ethan snug as a bug.

This one was cool because they had this big railroad train. Ethan loves trains so he got a kick out of it.

Ethan looking out the window...he doesn't look like he feels good huh? :-(

Today Daddy made a fort for Ethan. He didn't play in it very long, but he enjoyed it.

Tonight we went to go get out Christmas tree, finally! We went to a little tree farm, but ended up getting it at Target. I took some pictures at the tree farm though.

Ethan was saying "Cheese" but he twisted his mouth funny!

Ethan and Daddy

We got our tree up but not decorated, so hopefully we can do that tomorrow. I will post pictures of that soon.

I've been tagged!

So, sometimes people think of fun little things to do. Well, here's one where you go to the 6th folder on your computer and find the 6th picture and post it. Well, mine was a document, so I just went to the next one. This is me at Disneyland my Junior year. It was Grad Night and I got to go because I was in the Honor Guard. Good thing too because I wasn't able to go my Senior year. In this picture is me, Jacob and Amanda. We were fooling around with Dumbo. Anyways, I'm supposed to tag 6 people, but I was last on the list, so oh well. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well, I have mailed out the Christmas cards. Many of you have received yours already, and if not, then it is on it's way. So without further ado, here are the pictures we took for Christmas. We had some really nice ones, but they weren't quite perfect, except for the one we mailed out. Let me know what you think! Photography provided by my mom. Thanks mom!

Merry Christmas from the Pearson Family!