Friday, December 19, 2008

Most Recent Activities

Lately, we have been under the weather. Monday Ethan started getting sick with diaherra and has had it since. I have been slightly queasy, which started Thursday (good thing you didn't come up Crystal!) Anyways, we've managed to get in a few activities, but not much. Between the crazy rain we had and being sick, we have been major shut-ins.

Jason and I got a rebate check and we spilt it so that we could each get something for Christmas. I saw these satelite chairs at wal-mart and I have always wanted one. So I got one. Well, it got confiscated by Ethan. He loves curling up in it. I think I've sat in it twice since I got it. I also got 3 shirts, 3 new bras, and a bag and shoes from payless, for my 100 bucks. Sweet! Anyways, here's Ethan in the chair....2 different times.

Last night my mom picked us up to go look at Christmas lights. There were some nice ones, but not as many as I had hoped. It was still nice to get out since we weren't feeling well. This was the best house....but it came out slightly blurry.

Ethan snug as a bug.

This one was cool because they had this big railroad train. Ethan loves trains so he got a kick out of it.

Ethan looking out the window...he doesn't look like he feels good huh? :-(

Today Daddy made a fort for Ethan. He didn't play in it very long, but he enjoyed it.

Tonight we went to go get out Christmas tree, finally! We went to a little tree farm, but ended up getting it at Target. I took some pictures at the tree farm though.

Ethan was saying "Cheese" but he twisted his mouth funny!

Ethan and Daddy

We got our tree up but not decorated, so hopefully we can do that tomorrow. I will post pictures of that soon.

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