Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year for Thanksgiving we went and spent the day at my uncle's house in Coto de Caza. He fried the turkey and we all just had a nice day. Ethan was in hog heaven because he loves to see his cousins, and they have a bonus room with lots of toys to play with. I didn't get very many pictures, but here's what I have.

My grandpa and uncle having a chat.
The overcast sky from their backyard

Me and my mom...the lighting isn't great, but I like how we look in this one as oppossed to the other one we took.

My cousin Amanda was home visiting from college and she showed up with brown hair. I think she looks gorgeous!

Ethan put these turkeys in the cups and I thought it was cute so I snapped a picture.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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