Friday, December 5, 2008

Beautiful Castle and Fireworks

Last night, we had to go to Anaheim to take something to Jason's work, so we decided to go see Disneyland all decorated for Christmas. It was nice, but probably a bad idea because my ankle is still super sore. Anyways, we got there right as the Christmas parade was starting. Ethan kept clapping and trying to dance along with it. It was so cute! Then we tried to get to the back of the park to see It's A Small World, but they had everything shut down because the park was closing. So we decided to to grab a seat and watch the fireworks. We ended up right in front of the castle, so it was pretty good. Ethan loved that as well, and he kept turning to other people, saying "Did you see that?!" whenever a bunch of fireworks went off. He was so excited. We finally made it out of the park and on our way home, and by that time, it was after 9pm. Oh well. I got some really nice pictures though! Here they are:

The Christmas tree in Main Street
Ethan clapping along to the parade

The castle. I think they should leave it like this all the time. It's so beautiful!

Getting ready for the fireworks



It was like the 4th of July....only better!

Ethan was mesmerized

My favorite fireworks


Big Boom!

The snow at the end...our machine wasn't working very well though....

Ethan trying to catch snow

I would almost say it was worth it to get there and see so little.....but my foot really hurt afterwards, so no more walking for me for awhile. It was a sight to see though.


Crystal said...

How fun! Those are great pictures of the fireworks! What setting did you use?

Roundy Clan said...

Great pictures Cari! It's hard to get good pictures of fireworks. :) And I think the Castle looks so pretty too.