Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ethan's 3rd Birthday

This past Thursday was Ethan's birthday, but we had a party on Saturday. It was nice to have everyone come to our place to celebrate. Ethan had so much fun showing his cousins his room too! Once everyone got here, he opened his presents. Then we all played with them for awhile before having cake and ice cream. Nothing too fancy, but fun nonetheless. Here are some pictures. I took more video than stills, but I haven't checked them yet, so I will have to post them another time.

Jason made Ethan's cake. I think we've decided that this will be our tradition. Daddy will make all the cakes....or at least decorate them!
Waiting to open his presents

Trying on his firefighter outfit Aunt Sara gave him.

Enjoying his trains

Lily took a turn too.

So did Brooke.

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday.

Cousins enjoying cake...Ethan was saying cheese

Happy Birthday Ethan!

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