Thursday, December 4, 2008

Palm Springs! ~Day Three

On our last day in Palm Springs, we went to a children's museum that Sara found. She got us in for free with her museum pass. Sweet! There was alot to do and Ethan had a great time. I started not feeling so well part way through, but it ended up passing. All in all, we had a good time. On the way back home, we stopped in Cabazon to look at the dinosaurs that are there. Ethan loved that, and now that we are home, he keeps asking to see the pictures of them. Heehee.

The kids on a bench. The sun was in their eyes, but I think it came out cute.
Daddy helping Ethan ride a pulley system

Ethan was going on safari!

You could paint this car they had set up inside. Ethan didn't like getting messy so he stopped after a little bit.

Doing crafts

There was a place where you could make fake pizza. He LOVED it! They had a little fake oven you could put the pizza in, and a set-up like a restaurant. Very clever.

Ethan's creation!

Cooking the pizza

Practicing his motorcycle skills

Grocery shopping time!

Grandma got a second job as store clerk....

Ethan as a veteranarian. CUTE!

The dinosaurs. There was a gift shop up in the long neck and we also went up into T-rex. You could sit in his mouth.

Hanging on for dear life! not really, but funny!

Sitting on T-rex's foot. He got such a kick out of it.

Looking at the baby dinosaurs.

Ethan and Daddy. I really love this picture.

With stegosaurus. You would have thought he was with celebrities, the way he was grinning.

Inside T-rex's mouth.

I'm at the top of T-rex, and Jason and Ethan are halfway down. So we were pretty high!
It was so nice coming home to our own place! And nice to sleep in our own bed again. We had a great time.

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Jeannie looks so cute! haha.