Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Achielles Tendon

I have touched on this briefly but I thought I would just write it down. In October, I was hanging out at my mom's, and I stepped down on my left foot and it rolled under me. We thought I sprained it. But it kept hurting. Then we had to get things together to move, and I just kept pushing it. Well, once we got everything unpacked, and we were all settled, I went to the doctor. She said I probably pulled my Achielles Tendon. She ordered me a gel brace, but it has to get approved through the insurance company and then sent to me. Well, that doesn't help me when I am in pain now. So, we went and bought a brace at wal-mart until I get this other one. It helps, but it still hurts. So when I get the other one I hope I feel alot better. And it takes longer for my injury to heal than a broken bone. Bones take 6 weeks....mine can take months. So wish me luck!

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