Saturday, February 21, 2009

A couple of videos of Ethan

Ethan trying to hula hoop when we went to Stacy's for Valentine's day.

Ethan playing the guitar and singing at my grandpa's birthday.

Botanical Gardens

I've been trying to get more involved with church lately and go to any of the events that they have. So, yesterday, the activities committee set up an outing to the Botanical Gardens at UCR. Everyone was supposed to meet at the church at 9am. Well, we went and got there a bit early....20 minutes later, no one was there and Ethan had to go to the bathroom, but all the doors were locked. So we went back home so he could go. I called my mom and we went and picked her up, because I still wanted to go, but not by myself. (at this point I was worried I had messed up the time or date or something)

When we got there, we ran into the other church gals and their kids. So we walked around with them for awhile. They decided to leave soon after that, because it really is not a place for strollers. There are a lot of hiking trails and most of them are inclined and not paved.

We stayed for a little bit longer so Ethan could run around and so we could take some pictures. I did meet a couple of nice girls though and I hope that I can get to know them better!

Some mushrooms
My Ethan

He likes hugging trees...he said "I love you tree!"

There was this little pond and there were 3-4 turtles just hanging out. Ethan looked at them and said "I go pee on the potty!" I guess he has to tell everyone.

A terrible picture of the turtle, but the reflection came out awesome!

Okay, Ethan had to pee and we were too far from the bathrooms. So my mom took him behind a tree and he went. Boys are awesome that way I guess, and apparently I don't have a child who "needs" a toilet to go!
Neat trunk of a tree

Pretty flowers

Mom, Ethan and a girl from church, Taylor



More Azaleas

Ethan on a neat winding staircase

More pretty flowers


Ethan climbing a tree

A heart shaped hole.

The main path we walked up

The top of the stairs

After we left here, we went and got some lunch and then went and visited my grandparents for a little while. I needed to drop my mom off after that because she was meeting some friends for lunch. We had a good time, but Ethan was cranky because he never got a nap. At least he got to bed by 6:30. Early night for us!
We are going to a Valentine church thing tonight also. It's pie night! Woohoo! If you like pie, which I don't, but I'm not really going for the pie!

Edwards Funeral

On Tuesday, we went to the funeral for Jason's grandparents, Jack and Carole. I didn't take many pictures because no one really wants to keep pictures of the coffins and such. But the service was very nice. Jason's mom, aunt and uncle all spoke and they all did a wonderful job. We laughed, we cried and we celebrated their life together. I even learned some things about them that I never knew, like Jason's grandma played the clarinet. I did also when I was in elementary school. She was also a checkers champion. Jason's grandpa liked to wrestle and box. I know where all those Pearson boys get it from now!

Anyways, then we all went to the graveside, where there was one more speaker, and Sara released doves to symbolize them flying free and home together. It was very nice.

After that we went back to the church to eat and just be with everyone. Ryan made a very nice video montage out of their old photos and many people gave their thoughts, including Jason. All in all, very well done. We will miss them, but we know we will see them again one day.

Of course we had to have a couple of family pictures because we were all dressed up nice.
Ethan was smashing cups

My mom came with us, so that she could help with Ethan and so we could enjoy the service. She even helped watch Lily and Brooke too. Thanks Mom!

Me and Jason

Me, though I think I tilted my head a little too far.

Grandpa's Birthday!

This past Sunday, we had my grandpa's birthday at my grandma's house. It was fun. Just hanging out and enjoying the family's company.

Ethan helping to sweep the driveway.
Ethan, Poppy and Morgan

Gabe and Ethan

Poppy and Mom

The party was mainly for my grandpa, but we did a belated for my aunt and and early for my mom. Happy Birthday!

Ethan Playing the guitar

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day at Stacy's

A couple of weeks ago, we all got invitations to spend Valentine's day at my Aunt Stacy's. We thought it was just for dinner. Well, we all got there, and once everyone was there, she announced that it was a birthday party for my grandpa, who is turning 80 on Monday. It was very nice to hang out with everyone.

Carly~ My cousin Justin's little girl. She's 10 months old, and she is walking already!
My cousin Sierra with the birthday boy!

Grandma and Auntie. I can't believe I got them both laughing at something. Aren't they cute?

My cousin Marlee with Carly.

Justin, Uncle Paul, Carly and Poppy

Carly kept taking carrots out and giving them to everyone.

Ethan found this rocket to ride and was riding it in circles. I think he did it for 30 mins. straight.

They had a birthday cake made for my grandpa. On top is a biplane (my grandpa actually owns his own plane which he flies still...not a biplane though) and there is also a quad, which is a family joke, because Poppy has always had quads, and we used to go riding in the desert all the time. These are his two passions. It looks kinda smooshed, because it is. Poor Chelsea almost made it all the way with it, but some jerked slammed on his brakes and the cake almost fell completely off. I think she caught it with her hand. She felt so bad, but I think it still looked great!

Sierra with Carly

Paul, Ashley (Carly's mom), Carly and Sierra. I don't think they realized how smooshed she was!

Carly and Ethan

Poppy blowing out the candles. He didn't even wait for us to stop singing!

Stacy and Poppy. She knitted him the blanket he is holding for his birthday

Grandpa got a card with a key in it. We had no idea what it was for. So we all headed into the garage. There waiting for him was a rideing lawnmower. He has always wanted one, but it means so much right now, because my grandpa's back is failing him. Now he will be able to mow the lawns of all his rental properties without killing his back.

Hugging Stacy for his gift.

Ethan wanted to ride it. He also wanted to turn it on, but we didn't let him.

Paul, Poppy and cousin Tyler. He had just gotten home from work.

Poppy and Carly

Poppy and my cousin Chelsea

Ethan getting a kiss form the dog.

Justin, Poppy, Stacy, Carly and Uncle Lloyd. I will have to crop the picture and post it, because Carly and the dog were making out!

Chelsea and me.

How many people does it take to teach Poppy how to play the Wii?

Ethan on an excercise ball.

Here is the video of my grandpa finding out what his key went to: a riding lawnmower!