Saturday, February 21, 2009

Botanical Gardens

I've been trying to get more involved with church lately and go to any of the events that they have. So, yesterday, the activities committee set up an outing to the Botanical Gardens at UCR. Everyone was supposed to meet at the church at 9am. Well, we went and got there a bit early....20 minutes later, no one was there and Ethan had to go to the bathroom, but all the doors were locked. So we went back home so he could go. I called my mom and we went and picked her up, because I still wanted to go, but not by myself. (at this point I was worried I had messed up the time or date or something)

When we got there, we ran into the other church gals and their kids. So we walked around with them for awhile. They decided to leave soon after that, because it really is not a place for strollers. There are a lot of hiking trails and most of them are inclined and not paved.

We stayed for a little bit longer so Ethan could run around and so we could take some pictures. I did meet a couple of nice girls though and I hope that I can get to know them better!

Some mushrooms
My Ethan

He likes hugging trees...he said "I love you tree!"

There was this little pond and there were 3-4 turtles just hanging out. Ethan looked at them and said "I go pee on the potty!" I guess he has to tell everyone.

A terrible picture of the turtle, but the reflection came out awesome!

Okay, Ethan had to pee and we were too far from the bathrooms. So my mom took him behind a tree and he went. Boys are awesome that way I guess, and apparently I don't have a child who "needs" a toilet to go!
Neat trunk of a tree

Pretty flowers

Mom, Ethan and a girl from church, Taylor



More Azaleas

Ethan on a neat winding staircase

More pretty flowers


Ethan climbing a tree

A heart shaped hole.

The main path we walked up

The top of the stairs

After we left here, we went and got some lunch and then went and visited my grandparents for a little while. I needed to drop my mom off after that because she was meeting some friends for lunch. We had a good time, but Ethan was cranky because he never got a nap. At least he got to bed by 6:30. Early night for us!
We are going to a Valentine church thing tonight also. It's pie night! Woohoo! If you like pie, which I don't, but I'm not really going for the pie!


Roundy Clan said...

Nice pictures. I might be going to the zoo this week and I can't wait to take some pictures too! :D

Sarah said...

The Botanical Gardens are beautiful...that is where Paul and I went to get our engagement pictures taken...though I must agree with you, not very stroller friendly!

Crystal said...

I LOVE the staircase picture!! Good job girly!! =)

Barbara said...

I love the photos! Good job.