Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our favorite place

On Tuesday we went to Disneyland. We have been wanting to go since they re-did It's a Small World, and we were finally able to go. It was a good day too, because it was cold and there wern't many people there. We tried to go to Tom Sawyer's island, but it closed right before we got there. So we went to Tarzan's treehouse first. (I still think it's the Swiss Family Robinson's treehouse)

Ethan wouldn't get much closer than this.
Steering the pirate wheel

Ethan said he wanted to take our picture. AWWWW!

After Tarzan, we started making our way to Fantasy Land. Ethan and I decided to ride Dumbo before heading to a Small World.

They give you these feathers now so they know you got on the ride. We had a lot of fun!

Flying Dumbo!

After Dumbo, Ethan wanted to ride the Storybook boat ride, where you go into Monstro's mouth. That ride used to scare I don't know why...


Going through Monstro's mouth

We finally got to It's a Small World. I got a good picture of us...except for Ethan doing CHEESE a little too much. :)


After Small World, we went to ToonTown to see if Ethan was tall enough to ride Gadget's Coaster. He was, and he said it looked like fun, so we went. Jason hadn't been on it either. I have only been on it once. It was fun.

Right before the ride started. Ethan's first "real" rollercoaster.

After the coaster, I asked Ethan if the ride was fun. He said, "Yeah. I was crying." Go figure. We also went on the Roger Rabbit ride. I didn't get any pictures of that. Then we fooled around in the little gag area for awhile.

Naughty. They got locked up.

Strong man!

Me and Ethan on the fire truck. I wanted this picture, because I have a picture of me with my cousin, Amanda, on it when she was 4 or 5. So I just had to do it with my son.

Then we rode the train back to the front of the park and went home. It was a good day. We got to go on a lot of rides and I don't think we waited for more than 20 minutes for any one ride. Can't wait to go again!

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