Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Brielle!

January 24th was Brielle's 4th birthday. It was raining that day, so Crystal switched the party over to Chuck E Cheese's. It was super crazy, but at least it was dry and they didn't have a mess to clean up. Ethan had a great time, though I think he wore Jason out. Here are the pictures I took. Crystal, thanks for inviting us! I can't remember if I sent you these pictures, so let me know if you need them!

Ethan on the car ride down to Oceanside.
Brielle opening her presents. She opened them in record time.

Enjoying birthday cake

Ethan having a good time

Ethan and Brielle

Riding on a truck

It was getting late and we couldn't get them to sit still.

Happy Birthday Brielle!

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Crystal said...

I am so glad you guys came. We had fun and I know Brielle had a blast. =) It was good to see you guys. Thanks for making the drive up here. I DID forget to give you and Ethan the gifts I have for you guys. It's ridiculous how absentminded I am sometimes.