Friday, January 16, 2009

My Hummingbird

Okay, my friend Sarah wondered about my hummingbird picture, so this is mainly to answer her, but in case anyone else was wondering:

When we went to Palm Springs a couple of months ago, the zoo down there had an arboretem with butterflies, which also houses a few hummingbirds. This bird sits in this tree all the time. And it's so used to people, it will let them pretty much walk up and take pictures of it. I soooo wish I would have had a better camera to get an even better picture, but this came out pretty good. I really lucked out! Crystal's mom has also flattered me very much by requesting it so she can have it. It really touched me that someone liked one of my pictures enough to actually hang it their house! Anyways, when Crystal asked that I send it to her for her mom, I thought I should put it up as my main picture for a little while. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Playdate with Crystal

Today my friend Crystal came up to see me! I wasn't sure she was going to be able to make it, but she was! We had a lot of fun, chatting about old times, and seriously discussing the Twilight series. I've never seen her so excited about a particular book/books before. It's great. So Ethan got to play with Brielle and Elijah. They were both a little shy at first, but they warmed up once they saw all of Ethan's toys. I didn't realize how many he really had until they all ended up in the living room! LOL! Anyways, the kids had a great time together.

When Jason got home from work, we went to eat at McDonald's and then let the kids play in the play place. Crystal was able to stay for a good 4 hours. We are going to plan a Twilight movie showing sometime in the future. Can't wait! Here are some pictures and video from today:

Ethan watching the kids play with everything.

Brielle wielding Ethan's Mickey saber

Elijah hanging out

The kids hanging off the window...they moved really quick though, so this is the best picture I got.

Ethan trying again. Cute T though

Jason having some fun!

Ethan coming down the slide.

Brielle coming out of the slide

Me and Crystal

Ethan doing the Super Bark from "Bolt"

Brielle doing the bark and then the kids just barking together.

Thanks for coming Crystal! We had fun! Put the book down long enough to open your Christmas present!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to Disneyland

Last week we drove down to Anaheim and picked up Jason from work and went to Disneyland. Just a nice time to hang out together.

Jason and Ethan pretending to be airplanes.
Waiting in line to meet Tinkerbell at Pixie Hollow...he was showing us his laugh.

Meeting Fawn the Fairy

Sitting on a mushroom

Meeting Tinkerbell, though we didn't think she really looked like Tinkerbell

Okay, we went on Pirates of the Caribbean, and the ride stopped, so I tried taking pictures of us....I got a couple and then went to take another and it went off before we were ready. So Jason and I look like freaks, but Ethan was smiling!

After the freaky picture because we were laughing so hard, I was crying!

We were in line for Peter Pan, and Ethan said," Mommy, take a picture." He wanted a picture with Daddy! It was so cute!

So I got one with him too, which is very rare.

Being a goofball.

So, I have finally caught up on my blog! Whew! Sorry there wasn't in depth explanation on everything, but it was very interesting anyways. Also, I finished the Twlight Series. It was so good. I can't wait for the next movies.

Random Pictures

Here are some random pictures I had.

We took the side off Ethan's bed. Well, we went to check on him and found him asleep on the floor....He rolls out alot, but he usually climbs back into his bed on his own.
My 2 silly boys

Jason, Ethan and Elmo

Some cookies Ethan helped decorate

After eating said cookies

Park Day with Daddy!

It was so nice having Jason off work for a month. He got to spend so much quality time with Ethan. I loved it! We got to go to the park alot. Here are just some shots from one day we went.

Jason squishing Ethan's face
My Ethan

I caught him mid run.

Daddy swirling Ethan

Jason chasing Ethan around the sand pit

Ethan climbing

Jason trying to keep up with Ethan

Coming down backwards

Sometimes I think I have 2 little kids...(Ethan was in the tube)


Silly faces!

So much fun!

A day with friends

Toward the end of December, we were able to go visit Jared and Amanda in Vista. We just hung out and then went and had dinner with them at Claim Jumper's. It was nice to catch up because we haven't seen them since we went on our trip to Carlsbad. Their son Connor is getting so big, but I was floored when Ethan sat next to him and he looked HUGE! I guess he's growing huh?

Ethan chilling on a chair.

We had a good time and hope to see them again soon.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day started with us opening presents from "Santa" at our place, and then we drove over to Jason's parents for Morning breakfast and more presents. We also do a traditional toast with Martinelli's which is always funny. After that we went to my family's to have Christmas dinner. I didn't take pictures while we were there though. Everyone was having way to much fun.

Ethan Christmas Morning
Being silly with his cousins.

Playing with the fort he got for Christmas...I love that lily is growling!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Eve Nerf War!

Here are the 2 videos from Christmas Eve when we were having our Nerf War. it was so much fun!

Christmas Eve.

Ok, I know this is WAY late, but I had a minute, so I thought I would catch up. On Christmas Eve, we spent the evening with my family. This tradition is what I grew up with. We start at someone's house and have dinner. Then we watch that person/family open their gifts. Then we drive to the next person's house, and so on and so forth. I was so excited to do it this year, because we actually live close enough to everyone to participate. Ethan had a lot of fun too!

So we started out at my great-aunt's house. We had KFC and chatted for a bit. Ethan found an old cap gun she had and loved running around "shooting" everyone.

Ethan and my cousin Nicole playing with planters.

At my mom's house, helping her open gifts...(left to right) my grandma, mom, ethan, Auntie, and Adam.

(left to right) cousin Nicole, grandpa, grandma, mom and Ethan

Ethan with a blindfold ribbon

Ethan and Mom

Grandpa opening a gift from Adam

Ethan got a Spider-man costume from my brother Adam. He LOVED it! Here is his spider-man pose!

Ethan and Adam

Adam also got Ethan a Nerf tag game...we had quite the shoot-out war at our place. I will post a video later. Adam taking cover.

Ethan enjoying his new toy!

Nicole, Ethan and Jason...the 3 of them were ganged up against Adam....but I think Adam still kicked their butts!
We had alot of fun!