Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to Disneyland

Last week we drove down to Anaheim and picked up Jason from work and went to Disneyland. Just a nice time to hang out together.

Jason and Ethan pretending to be airplanes.
Waiting in line to meet Tinkerbell at Pixie Hollow...he was showing us his laugh.

Meeting Fawn the Fairy

Sitting on a mushroom

Meeting Tinkerbell, though we didn't think she really looked like Tinkerbell

Okay, we went on Pirates of the Caribbean, and the ride stopped, so I tried taking pictures of us....I got a couple and then went to take another and it went off before we were ready. So Jason and I look like freaks, but Ethan was smiling!

After the freaky picture because we were laughing so hard, I was crying!

We were in line for Peter Pan, and Ethan said," Mommy, take a picture." He wanted a picture with Daddy! It was so cute!

So I got one with him too, which is very rare.

Being a goofball.

So, I have finally caught up on my blog! Whew! Sorry there wasn't in depth explanation on everything, but it was very interesting anyways. Also, I finished the Twlight Series. It was so good. I can't wait for the next movies.

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Crystal said...

Aww, fun! I need a Disney pass!