Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Eve.

Ok, I know this is WAY late, but I had a minute, so I thought I would catch up. On Christmas Eve, we spent the evening with my family. This tradition is what I grew up with. We start at someone's house and have dinner. Then we watch that person/family open their gifts. Then we drive to the next person's house, and so on and so forth. I was so excited to do it this year, because we actually live close enough to everyone to participate. Ethan had a lot of fun too!

So we started out at my great-aunt's house. We had KFC and chatted for a bit. Ethan found an old cap gun she had and loved running around "shooting" everyone.

Ethan and my cousin Nicole playing with planters.

At my mom's house, helping her open gifts...(left to right) my grandma, mom, ethan, Auntie, and Adam.

(left to right) cousin Nicole, grandpa, grandma, mom and Ethan

Ethan with a blindfold ribbon

Ethan and Mom

Grandpa opening a gift from Adam

Ethan got a Spider-man costume from my brother Adam. He LOVED it! Here is his spider-man pose!

Ethan and Adam

Adam also got Ethan a Nerf tag game...we had quite the shoot-out war at our place. I will post a video later. Adam taking cover.

Ethan enjoying his new toy!

Nicole, Ethan and Jason...the 3 of them were ganged up against Adam....but I think Adam still kicked their butts!
We had alot of fun!

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