Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm so far behind it's not even funny!

And it's not going to get much better! Tomorrow, our little family is driving to Utah again! This time Jason has a job up there for the week. Ethan and I didn't have to go, but we thought it would be a nice opportunity to visit with our friends there again. So, if I can use their internet while we are there, then I will try to catch up on my blogs. If not, then I will try to do it as soon as we get home. Just wanted everyone to know that we are still here! I just have been preoccupied with all of this. See ya all later!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Carly turns one!

It's amazing how time flies by. Being a parent does that to you. Then it goes by even faster when kids that are younger than yours start growing up. My cousin Justin has a little girl, Carly, and she just turned one. Oh my gosh! I can't believe it has already been a year. They celebrated her birthday last weekend, on the 25th of April, by having a BBQ at their house. Here are some pictures I took at the party.

They had a cute little bubble blowing area set up. Her party was ocean themed and so cute!

Ethan riding the rope swing.

Justin and his little girl!

Ethan blowing bubbles

Walking with Abby.


She's so cute!

Ashley's friend made this cake for her!

Ashley made this little cake for's an octopus and it's all cake with banana frosting.

My cousin Chelsea with her niece Carly! Aren't they both gorgeous?!

Justin with Poppy

Carly and Ashley after they opened all of the birthday loot.

Getting ready to eat cake!


What? I'm eating!

Ethan found Justin's 3 wheeler.....

.....and fireman hat.

Happy 1st Birthday Carly!

Friday, May 1, 2009


I'm trying to get caught up on my blog, and I was actually dreading posting this one, because it's huge. I want to warn everyone now, that there are alot of pictures. I didn't even post all of them. I think I took like 1000 pictures while on our trip to Utah. So I tried to just do the highlights. Here we go. Hope you enjoy!

Our first view of some snowy mountains in Utah. This was the backdrop of one of our rest stops.

The LONG highway...but I took it for the rainbow...can you see it? It faint and right in the middle of the road.

Another rainbow.

This is how we entertained Ethan in the car...making silly faces.

Pretty happy after being in the car for 6 hours or so...

On Easter, we had a very quaint dinner. Ethan and Josie were helping with the rolls.

Scrubbing potatoes.

Claire....the most adorable child I have EVER met! (Except for my own!)

Barbara! I can't believe we have known each other since the 3rd grade.

Playing on the big hill in the back yard.

Finding Easter baskets!

I see you!

Claire enjoying her candy

Josie REALLY enjoying her candy!

Ethan with his flute.

This is Barbara's house with the view of the mountains. I fell in love with those mountains.

Monday of our trip, we went to Temple Square in Salt Lake City. It was going to be the warmest day, and it really was a beautiful day. Here are the kids right after we got out of the car.

The flowers were awesome.

My first view ever of the Salt Lake Temple. AHHHH!

This is the assembly hall where the pioneers used to hold conference. I really liked this building.

3 butts.

By the end of this trip, I named her "Posey Josie" because she would always pose for me!


The organ inside the assembly hall.

Being good!

The missionaries gave us cards with the temple on them.

This was the best picture I got of the Tabernacle.

Pretty white flower

Cool fountain

These were really cool tulips.


On the steps of the temple.

Very cool doorknobs.

Sitting on the stairs, looking straight up. Jason thought of taking this picture and I really like it.

The kids posing in this little hollow alcove.

I told Ethan to kiss Josie, but he wouldn't, so she took matters into her own hands.

Neat bench

Inside the tabernacle for an organ recital

Fountain with flowers

Claire after lunch


A statue of Joseph Smith inside the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Do you think they are tired?

This is my favorite picture of a flower from my trip. Thanks Barbara for making me take it!

Me with the temple!

Families are forever!

View of Temple Square from the top of the church office building.

I loved the sky that day.

Top of the Conference Center.

Inside the Conference Center

I love this picture, even though I am behind the flash.

Very cool stained glass.

A very neat house.

Us walking on the top of the Conference Center.

Monday evening, Barbara had some friends over with their kids to do an egg hunt and BBQ. They all had girls. Poor Ethan. He was the caboose of this girl train. But hey, maybe there's a future wife in there? ;-)

Ready to hunt eggs

Get em!

Stopping to open some

Found another one!

On Tuesday, Barbara holds music time at her house. Neighborhood kids come and there's singing and playing instruments. I don't have many pictures, because Ethan was uncooperative.

See how happy he looks!?

On Tuesday we also went to look at the local temples. Awesome! This one is Oquirrh Mountain. It's not done yet. I think in June.

Jordan River Temple.

Draper Temple. This was dedicated in February

Silly kids

Tuesday afternoon we went to the Lehi Community Pool. Awesome place. Lots of fun was had by all. Barbara has an underwater camera, so this were taken with her camera. I kinda want one now. This is me with Josie.

Mommy and Ethan

Happy family!

He had more fun once he got to use the goggles


Posey Josie! Cutie huh?

Jason getting splashed by the big bucket.

Claire having fun with water.

Josie underwater

Ethan going down the kiddie waterslide.

Love of my life!

Part of why I love him so!


Ethan having fun with water!

I know he will hate me later in life, but he put it on!

On Wednesday we went to the snow in Sundance. Ethan's first time in the snow.

And he automatically knew what to do!

Snow family!

He went down the hill all by himself!

On the way home we saw wild turkeys...we even got them to gobble for us!

On Thursday we woke up to this....

So we had more fun in the snow!

Yep, that's me.

Go Jason!

We had a snowman building competition, boys versus girls...but Ethan defected

Girls finished product....Jabba The Hut!

Jason finished product...Super Snowman. I think he won...but ours lasted longer!

First snowcone! Made from fresh snow.

Cowboy Ethan

There are my mountains!

Mount Timpanogos Temple.

Provo Temple

MTC! Missionary Training Center

At BYU, they have few museums. This one is all stuffed animals.

New friends!

Posey Josie!

It's made out of butterflies!


This is at the art museum....look familiar? Scroll up because it's the painting version of a picture I took of stained glass.

Jason and I just really liked this one.

Friday, the kids took a bubble bath before we went to the Childrens' Museum.

Playing with balls

Crane operator.

Having lunch

Working the farm


The adults got bored and started making art.

Ethan and Daddy in a cool helicopter.

Barbara as a news anchor.

Ethan too!


After the Children's Museum, we walked to the Brigham Young House, also known as The Beehive House. That was a long walk, and I don't recommend it. But we made it and got to see some really old stuff that was cool. These are baby blessing and baptismal garments from the time period.

Brigham Young's bedroom

A daughter's room....I liked the mantle

Music room

Daughter's wedding dress

Education room

Game room

Dining room




Formal dining room

On Saturday, Jason, Barbara and I went to the Temple to do a session. Ben watched the kids. But I don't have pictures from that day. We left to come home Sunday, and I was ordered to stop in St. George to take a picture of the temple there. In total we saw 7 temples. Amazing! I loved Utah, and hope to go back very soon.

Thanks for having us Barbara!