Friday, May 1, 2009

Orchids Galore! Oh, and I went to Plam Springs...

On April 1st, Ethan and I drove down to Palm Springs to hang out with my mom, grandma and aunt, who were down there at a timeshare. We went to an orchid farm, because my aunt LOVES them, and then we did a couple other things. I took alot of pictures here because I had my nice camera with me. Hope you enjoy them!

This cool weeping willow tree was outside the orchid farm.

Cactus flower

Close-up of tree

There are a lot of orchids, so I won't type for all of them.

They also cultivated venus fly traps.

This was only one was like a sea of orchids.

Auntie with some yellow orchids.

After the orchid farm we went to Pioneer Town. It was really old, but I found it interesting that some people actually lived there.
Ethan and Grandma at a well pump.

Someone was naughty and ended up in jail.


Pumping. Too bad there was no water.

Ethan with a dwarf pony.

This cool tree had blossoms that reminded me of Hawaiian lays.

Grandma and Auntie

We found a big spider on the way back to the timeshare...

We had a fun time visting everyone.


Crystal said...

My mom is going to LOVE this post!

Roundy Clan said...

Aren't new cameras so fun! What kind did you get? We are going to be getting me a new one in like a month and I am way excited. Nice flower pictures. I have been dying to take some flower pictures too.