Friday, May 1, 2009


Jason's brother, Matt, plays ice hockey. We don't get to go to his games very often, but we are trying to go more. The last time we went, I decided to try out my telephoto lens for my new camera. I used this one because I'm able to get pictures of them playing, without getting the net in the shots. Really cool. Anyways, here are just a FEW of the pictures I took. I think I took over 300. All that just to get a couple good pictures of Matt in action.

Matt stretching before the game. I love that I got him looking right at me, but he didn't know I was taking pictures.

Right after he scored a goal.

Even Matt gets knocked over once in awhile....but this game he fell like 3 times.

So intense...

Going after the puck

Number 19

In the middle of the action

After the game at Jason's parents house, Matt was teaching Ethan how to play. I may end up being a hockey mom.

Free lessons!

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