Friday, May 1, 2009

My birthday/ Children's Museum

For my birthday this year, I did not feel good. But we ended up going to a children's museum with Sara, Lily and Brooke. Afterwards we went and looked at the new house that Bart and Sara are buying in Norco. For dinner I took Ethan to my grandma's and we had pizza and strawberry shortcake. It was yummy. Here are the pictures from the museum.

Ethan "driving" the bus.

There was a little animal carousel that the kids could ride.

They also had a stuffed animals room...Brookie with the bear...

Ethan the deer


Like father, like son

Bang a gong....I think this should be taken out...too hard on parents' ears.

The singing pirate.

Now Jason knows what it's like to be in the marching band!

Ethan too!

Ethan and Brooke on the blue bull

Brookie getting a ride

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