Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day at Stacy's

A couple of weeks ago, we all got invitations to spend Valentine's day at my Aunt Stacy's. We thought it was just for dinner. Well, we all got there, and once everyone was there, she announced that it was a birthday party for my grandpa, who is turning 80 on Monday. It was very nice to hang out with everyone.

Carly~ My cousin Justin's little girl. She's 10 months old, and she is walking already!
My cousin Sierra with the birthday boy!

Grandma and Auntie. I can't believe I got them both laughing at something. Aren't they cute?

My cousin Marlee with Carly.

Justin, Uncle Paul, Carly and Poppy

Carly kept taking carrots out and giving them to everyone.

Ethan found this rocket to ride and was riding it in circles. I think he did it for 30 mins. straight.

They had a birthday cake made for my grandpa. On top is a biplane (my grandpa actually owns his own plane which he flies still...not a biplane though) and there is also a quad, which is a family joke, because Poppy has always had quads, and we used to go riding in the desert all the time. These are his two passions. It looks kinda smooshed, because it is. Poor Chelsea almost made it all the way with it, but some jerked slammed on his brakes and the cake almost fell completely off. I think she caught it with her hand. She felt so bad, but I think it still looked great!

Sierra with Carly

Paul, Ashley (Carly's mom), Carly and Sierra. I don't think they realized how smooshed she was!

Carly and Ethan

Poppy blowing out the candles. He didn't even wait for us to stop singing!

Stacy and Poppy. She knitted him the blanket he is holding for his birthday

Grandpa got a card with a key in it. We had no idea what it was for. So we all headed into the garage. There waiting for him was a rideing lawnmower. He has always wanted one, but it means so much right now, because my grandpa's back is failing him. Now he will be able to mow the lawns of all his rental properties without killing his back.

Hugging Stacy for his gift.

Ethan wanted to ride it. He also wanted to turn it on, but we didn't let him.

Paul, Poppy and cousin Tyler. He had just gotten home from work.

Poppy and Carly

Poppy and my cousin Chelsea

Ethan getting a kiss form the dog.

Justin, Poppy, Stacy, Carly and Uncle Lloyd. I will have to crop the picture and post it, because Carly and the dog were making out!

Chelsea and me.

How many people does it take to teach Poppy how to play the Wii?

Ethan on an excercise ball.

Here is the video of my grandpa finding out what his key went to: a riding lawnmower!


Pip said...

Wow, cute hair! It looks like it's grown and I had no idea it was curly! Very cute!

kailiaelf said...

Pip you are so funny! Thanks on the comment about my hair. I recently got it permed...usually my hair is very straight!

Crystal said...

Marlee and Sierra are HUGE! I can't believe how big they are! Such GORGEOUS girls too! =) I love the shirt ethan has on... so studly!