Thursday, December 4, 2008

Palm Springs! ~Day Two

Monday morning we woke up and just hung out for a little bit in the morning. Jason's dad went home because his back was hurting, so that left his mom, Sara and her girls, and us. We decided to got to the Living Desert, which is a zoo in Rancho Mirage that specializes in desert animals and preservation. It was pretty cool and actually a very well maintained zoo. We all enjoyed ourselves. We actually spent most of the day there, which wasn't the plan, but it was nice.

The cousins

The kids kept playing in the curtains and I thought it looked neat so I took a picture.

Ethan and Lily looking at a "map". They decided to go to the beach.

The view from our room. It was so nice and clear.

The stroller kids.

Trying out a ram horn. This was in an actual animal hospital that they have set up in the zoo. It was pretty neat.

Looking at animals that are recovering from injuries.

Ethan and Lily in front of a 38 year old parrot.

Sitting on turtles

Ethan and Lily

Petting a snake.

This little car was a good way to keep all the kids together...too bad we had 2 strollers also and a bunch of food. We were all pushing something.

There was a butterfly pavilion, which put me in a happy place. I LOVE butterflies! There were also some hummingbirds in there as well. Here's a couple of shots I got.

There was a hummingbird just kickin' it on a tree. I am so stoked about this picture because when do you ever get a hummingbird sitting still?!

This butterfly hardly landed, so I just had to click off pictures, and I can't believe some of the ones I got of it!

This one just landed at my feet and then opened and closed it's wings nice and easy so it was easy to get a picture.

Lily on a butterfly bench. I want to know where I can get a bench like this.

The kids!
Just Ethan

Lily, Ethan and Jason.

Brooke, Lily and Ethan riding a gecko

Cool spiderweb. Ethan was acting out spider-man....

A slide made to look like a cactus. Too cool!

Lily and Ethan next to the zebras.

Petting goats


Ethan with his first souvineir

Lily with her's

and Brooke with her's

Brooke fell asleep on the way home....she had been playing with this and it was just stuck there.

Here is a picture of the moon from our room, and those 2 "stars" are Venus and Jupiter. It was so clear out there and I am really lucky to have gotten a good picture, because my camera does not like taking night shots.

On to our last day!


Crystal said...

Wow, we saw those stars coming home from Vegas. Zac was shocked that they were so bright and I told him they must have been planets, and they were!

Roundy Clan said...

Nice pictures of the bird and butterflies. I get excited when I get good pictures of animals too! It's so hard not to scare them. :)