Saturday, December 20, 2008

Now we're ready for Christmas!

We woke up this morning (at 6am) to Ethan saying, "C'mon! Let's decorate!" So we waited until about 9:30 and then we started the process of decorating our tree. He also kept asking for the star... to top the tree....which we don't have but he learned from a Mickey's Christmas movie. So we will probably go and get a topper. Anyways, he didn't last very long with the decorating, but he still wanted to see all the ornaments. Now it's nap time and all is well!

Ready to decorate!
The tree with just lights on...when Ethan saw the lights, he went "Ooooh!"

Hanging a snowman


We found all his baby's first christmas stuff, and he wanted to try it on....none of it fit except the bib!

Completed tree.

Oh, and we busted the coffe table leg as we were trying to push the tree back against the wall. But it's good for now, and we can fix it better when we take the tree down.

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Crystal said...

Cute picture at the top of your blog, I love it! Ethan is so cute!!! I think the bib looks adorable!!