Friday, October 24, 2008

Our New Apartment

I have exciting news. Jason and I found an apartment that we feel meets our needs and our budget. We are moving on Nov. 1st! We are so excited that we will be in our own place and that Ethan will have his own room! Yay! I took some pictures of our apartment, and although it is bare, I can see wonderful potential. Here are the pictures I have. I hope they make sense. When we have all our stuff in and it's decorated (or at least situated), I will post better ones. So here we go:

Looking in at the living room from the entryway. The front door is to my left.
Fireplace and patio door. This picture is blurry, but you get the idea. Again, the front door is to my left. And I am in the middle of the room. I was just showing the fireplace, not the square footage.

Part of the kitchen. This is where the fridge will go. I took this for measurement purposes.

Washer and Dryer! Not the most beautiful in the world, but wonderful because I won't have to carry laundry to the laundromat or my mother's.

The Kitchen. i am standing in the dining area, but it goes deeper to my left...the same depth as the w&d unit.

Main Bathroom

Ethan's room looking out. The other open doors are the doors to the master bedroom.

From the doors looking in at the master bedroom

The closet and sink in the master bedroom

Master bathroom...sink to left of me.

Looking from our master bedroom down the length of the apartment. Yes we have double doors on our room.

We are going to be living in Riverside. If you need our address, call me and it will be yours! Yay!


Sarah said...

Congratulations! Now that you will be closer, we can do more stuff together...yea!!

Roundy Clan said...

That's so cool! And the apartment is REALLY cute. Wood floors and a fire place...SCORE

Pip said...

Very Nice!!! It looks roomy and in good condition! How exciting! We'll miss you but are super happy for you :)